Game crashes soon after loading into official server. Occasional Corrupt Data?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [US]

Official server #2729

Game crashes to dashboard within a few minutes, every time I get into gameplay, ever since the new update. Official PVE server.

Sometimes after the crash, upon the next loading attempt, I get the new Corrupt Data error everyone seems to be getting, other times I don’t. I’ve seen people saying the reinstall doesn’t fix their crashes, so I’m waiting for more feedback (quick patch?) from you guys.

Either way the game is unplayable, and building decay is a looming threat…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load game to title screen (sometimes a corrupt Data error appears)
  2. select official server and game loads
  3. Enter gameplay and wait while the loading of my base finishes (old habit - the game has always seemed to be more likely to crash if I do anything too soon after loading)
  4. Begin normal gameplay…

The game has crashed every time within a few minutes of loading with no obvious trigger.
Open box, no problem, open another box > crash.
Don’t open anything, just walk to next building > crash.
Check inventory on my thrall, crash…

I need to go to my other bases to prevent decay, but this seems like a bad time to do that… Suggestions?


From what I understand they dont do hotfix’s, what you see is what you get literally the only game in which you dread a new update instead of looking forward to them. They refuse to support this game on console or even communicate or acknowledge they’re customers concerns. And now it looks like they have completely destroyed the game. But they will still try and sell the next dlc as if everything is perfectly fine.

They did hot fixes in the past =)

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Well this one definitely needs a fix.

Is anyone else able to play for longer than 5 minutes?

Update: I managed to maproom / walk (don’t run or it might crash) to all my bases to reset the decay timers (after I took off all my good gear) and it didn’t crash until I returned to my big main base.

I’m thinking this be crash has something to do with large bases / save files because the patch notes mentioned a database “optimization” for large saves. Anyone else have the crash in otherwise small bases or multiple bases (large save file)?

@Ignasi hopefully this is a clue for the big fix.

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My game crash within a few mins to maybe and hour it definitely need to be fixed before people give up on the game.


Look it has nothing to do with big bases or your Xbox does not matter if you are on a Xbox one or a Xbox x or a Xbox s i have all of them an the game still crashes.the game was fine before the update now you can’t play it at all with crashing every 10 to 20 minutes loading up single player doesn’t even work anymore i been playing this game from the start got like 278 bays of game play in i have all the DLC if this problem doesn’t get fixed before next DLC then I’m done an everyone else should be to have a happy summer lol😱


Yup since today starting singleplayer first doesnt work. Cant log in anymore. If funcom is trying to kill their own game, they are doing a very good job atm.

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A few updates ago, my single player game (which I only use to log into multiplayer since I lost a lot of property due to a corrupted file a couple years ago) lost all its harvestables. When I go in there there’s nothing except land and water, but at least I can start the game to reduce db’ing in multiplayer. I decided never to spend any more money on this game a long time ago.

Hi funcom team, I read a tweet about returning decay timers to 1 week soon, which also said to post problems here. Maybe it wasn’t @Ignasi but so far I haven’t read anything about fixes for the fake corrupt data errors and the constant dashboarding.

We’ve asked for help, but instead a plan to make it even more likely our bases to decay is going forward without a fix?

Love the game, long time player on official servers, but really, any time I want to play, it takes hours of work crashing & logging back in repeatedly, just to get the bare minimum of resetting decay timers, and by then my game time is up.

Please, for the love of Crom, can we get a little help here? The problems on Xbox are so well known that ps4 and PC players feel sorry for us, and YouTubers actually make videos talking about how bad it is. (Thanks @Wak4863)


For the record, I only know because I am a very active reader across the forums. Even though I don’t have an Xbox and I am not experiencing what you are, I know that many in my community are playing on Xbox and for me it’s important to stay versed on what is happening across all platforms. Thanks for tagging me. :wink:


Thanks again Wak.

Well, I had another crash. This one while I was moving so apparently I just kept on running…off a cliff.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I logged back in, crash. Got a phone call, then tried again and found myself in the desert. Pulled my bracelet but by the time I got back to where I died all my stuff was gone…

Not the end of the world because it was mostly old low end gear since I knew it could happen, but still… Cold and warm armor etc etc…(main base is in the lower North but have to take the bridge of the betrayer to get here from the obelisk) so my game on an official PVE server won’t be easy to keep without decay and / or repeated loss of gear and hours lost to crashing and logging back in.

Please just acknowledge that you’re working on it…or that the dev team doesn’t think it’s worth fixing?

Help me Obiwan Kenobi… I mean funcom, you’re my only hope.

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@Wak4863 helps us more than the actual “community support team”, I suggest Funcom sign him up as we could see changes for the better instead of the worse. It’s incredibly annoying that customers are more passionate about the game than the so called “professionals”. P.s Wak would probably refuse it anyways.

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Thank you for supporting us Wak4863, can you violently swing your big ■■■■ about until they answer us.

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Hey there,

Apologies for the late response, our team is spread thin these days.
There is a patch for some of the crashing issues that’s been on certification since early this week, it is currently being withhold until the other platform completes certification as well.
Our team is also monitoring further issues that could be affecting performance on Xbox.

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The bugs on the Xbox version are more severe (ie corrupt data and constant crashing) and the patch should be released now; not withheld for the other console to pass its certification which could take who knows how long. I can understand normally waiting for both consoles to get approved at the same time but in this instance I feel that an exception should be made. The longer you wait, the more loyal people are going to become disenchanted with Conan and its future content as well as any new properties you put out.


Thank you for the update. Should be soon* then.

I’ll keep an eye out and let you guys know if this fixes the problems for me.

*hopefully soon won’t be measured in geologic time :wink:

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Although we don’t have an ETA other than “as soon as possible”, the patch is ready and waiting for the other platform to complete certification. It should come out early this week.
Our team is also working on an additional hotfix to address more performance issues exclusive to the Xbox version of the game. This hotfix is still being worked on so we don’t have any estimate yet.

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:thinking:Almost sounds like your preparing people for when this patch comes out and doesnt fix anything. Would explain why you won’t release it even though its ready and certified, its not like xbox users have been down for more than 2 weeks or anything :two_hearts:

Parity with the other console platform, as we’ve done with previous patches.