My xbox crashes every 10 mins

So… I could make a new game on single player no problem i build using the admin settings and everything…but when i accidentally went to an old server i used to play but not for long because i was just level 13 but it still crashed…


Yeah they have to fix it with a patch it only dash boards me when I open an inventory or use a station it’s honestly only xbox one having the issue


Hey, was man auf jeden Fall machen könnte ist den verfallstimer zu ändern bis das Spiel wieder geht’s so verliert man ja fast alles. Gruß

Constantly crashing. It’s unplayable.
Open inventory = dashboard.
People have been complaining since May.
I got the game the same day mounts came out.

Why add more content to a game we can’t play?

You’ve had all year, tell us what the issue is, why this is happening and possible solutions.


Hello @Agent9ner9ish, welcome to the forums!

We’ve released an announcement in regards to this specific issue, it will be addressed as soon as possible as its being handled with the highest priority:

So i just downloaded the patch you guys put out (24gbs) and it still crashed

It still crashes

Still crashing 1/2/2020 Xbox one s platform.

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Yep, same here. Thought I’d come back to CE, payed out good $$$'s for 3 of the DLC’s in Dec 2019 - ever since - XBOX One framerate is all over the shop, crashes anywhere, anytime, no pattern. I am continually having to restart the game as the graphics are all washed out. I really want to play this game (at lvl 60 and roaming around with Dalinsia) but I am sick and tired of the unacceptable performance and stability for a game that has been out for so long now. This is just not good enough. I am enjoying the QOL and immersion changes but the game has to run properly or at least not go backwards like it has for me.

Same here game keeps crashing shortly after loading in. Sometimes I can stay in but not often. Single player is ok.

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