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Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Performance | Misc
Region: Xbox US on EU server

Hello all. I’ve been playing Conan off and on for near 2 years in Xbox. I have encountered the random crashes to dashboard I’ve seen reported but not many others until last week. I have 3 Xbox Ones and 1 Xbox One X (Project Scorpion Edition). I am an Xbox Alpha test member as well.
Xbox 1- Ethernet cable to router. Primary Conan.
Xbox 2- One X via WiFi. Secondary Conan.
Xbox 3- WiFi. Conan loaded but played once month.
Xbox 4- WiFi. Conan loaded but not played on.

While playing from USA on an private EU server, my game froze for about 1 minute then dashboards to home. I won’t get into how this kills players, loses gear, etc. Sticking just to what I observed and did. Anyway, after it crashed, I relaunched and was given the error of “Your game appears to have corrupted files and it may affect game performance. Please uninstall and reinstall the game to avoid further issues.”

I uninstalled and reinstalled. I did NOT restart the Xbox. When Conan reloaded, the error message was still there and I was still able to attempt to play after acknowledging the error.

I am in the habit of loading single player first to help with loading issues, then jumping into multiplayer on servers. This was a suggestion I found while looking up lag issues on Reddit. It did help. So, upon reconnect to the server, I was in for approximately 20 seconds and then disconnected. I was back to the Conan menu with the error message again. I tried reconnecting 10+ times and same results. I tried connecting to other servers I’d previously played on as well as Official servers I had never been on. It did the same thing.

I shutdown Xbox #1 and started up #2. I started Conan. The game synchronized and I received the error message of corruption before the game had even started. I loaded single player then went to multiplayer. I tried to connect to the EU server but was immediately disconnected. It did this each time I tried.

My friend who manages the server restarted it. I still could not connect but everyone else could. At this point, I effectively could not play Conan online.

I just retired from the US Army and spent the majority of it in communications and electronics. I had seen something similar in nature. I shutdown Xbox #2 and turned on Xbox #3.

After #3 was up, I checked to make sure there were no updates. I started Conan. Before the Xbox could finish its synchronization, I cancelled it. I did NOT let it finish synchronizing.

I loaded single player, then multiplayer. I chose the EU server I normally play on. It connected and did not disconnect me. I waited more than 20 minutes. I logged out and reconnected again. I was able to reconnect and stay on the server. I shut Xbox #3 down.

I went back to Xbox #1 and uninstalled then reinstalled Conan. I started the game. I allowed it to synchronize. At the Conan menu screen, it gave me the same error message. I started single player then went to multiplayer on the EU server. I was able to connect and remain connected more than 30 minutes. I logged off and went to Xbox #2.

I uninstalled then reinstalled the game. I started Conan, allowed synchronization. I did NOT receive the error message and went single player then multiplayer, connected to the EU server and was able to play more than 30 minutes.

I am unable to reproduce the error intentionally. At this point I can only surmise it has something to do with the Xbox synchronization of profile or similar item and corruption takes place there. I am NOT a developer or programmer. I’m just using basic troubleshooting that I learned in my military service.

I hope this helps. I realize not everyone out there has 4 Xbox Ones. I just hope sharing this will give you options on how to get back to playing after receiving the corrupted game files message.

If only my snake dance I performed while staring intensely at the console had worked to remove the corruption. Sigh.


Hi @Marzkorj, thank you for the thorough information provided, we’ll be sure to relay it to the team.

We’re actively focused on addressing the console-specific issues that are affecting the XBOX version of the game, as detailed below:

A new patch will also be coming out soon, which should tackle the corrupted data issue.

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