Can't log into any official server on the Xbox one. Says lost connection with the server. Please help.!

Game mode: Online, PvP, Offical servers
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Every time I try to log into the Offical server 2588 on Xbox live it will not let me log in and play the game it keeps saying lost connection with the server. It won’t even let me start over on a different Offical server because it tells me I’ve lost connection to server. Can i please get some help thank you. For any more info just ask. I’ve hard reset the Xbox, tried playing another online game (worked fine) played it for an hour, then tried Conan again and still won’t let me play. I even made a funcom account for some help. Please i am begging for help at this point lol I cant even enjoy my dlcs i just got. Wouldn’t of had purchased them if I knew the game was this broken. Why make dlcs when the game itself is not even playable?? Just very frustrated after 23 hours of work and so far still no Progression.

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Hello @KalebLynn, thank you for reaching out!

We’ve checked the server status and it has no apparent issue, it has a solid average player count and the automatic server restarts have also taken place in the last few days.

Is your XBOX connected through a wired or wireless connection?

What ping do you get to the servers you’re trying to join?

Have you been able to play on any official or private server before?

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Yes ive been able to play before I played on this server for 3 days now got to level 42 with a good base and gear, then I died of starvation and on respawn it said that I lost connection with the server. And i asked my friend who was in the same server if he was experiencing any problems and he said the server was fine, but for some reason it won’t let me in. I even had my friend in the server to send me an game invite to see if i couldn’t by pass it that way and it still told me that I lost connection with the server. And I use a wireless connection but I’ve never had a problem wit it up and till now. The ping for the server I’ve been trying to get into is 66. And the other Offical servers I’ve tried to join to start over there ping is 65 to 69 and they all tell me the same thing. The only game mode i can play is single player offline. And I played on the server 2588 yesterday morning for an hour before i died and its been doing this to me ever since. I apologize for my frustration, I just would like to enjoy the game I purchased lol as well as the dlcs, just a huge Conan fan.

And right now at 4:13 pm there are only 9 people in server 2588 the one I’ve been trying to get back into and it still for some reason won’t work. And i played two other online games and they work fine so that there tells me it’s not my Xbox or my internet bc while i played Rainbow six siege and dark souls online I didn’t even experience any lag. I just don’t understand why it won’t let me play lol. Again I thank you all for the help just really wanna TRY to enjoy this game. And 2 days ago when it was working fine it would sometimes like once or twice boot me off the server just kick me out after 20 secs but i could fix that, all I would have to do is load up offline singleplayer for 4 minutes and then got back online on The 2588 server and it would work but now like i said it just freezes and says connection lost- lost connection with the server. And there are people in the server playing.!?

reset ur IP and try again, maybe someone DDOS u? don’t let unknowns in ur xbox party.

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unplug the power from ur modem for a couple minutes of so and when u plug power back in and have internet signal then try again. Xbox voice chat party, don’t invite people u don’t know or they can ddos u.

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I reset my modem and still same thing happens, it’s saying lost connection with the server. And if they ddos me is there anything i can do about it, and does that like mean they hacked me sorry just old ig lol. I must of been hacked idk bc it will not let me join a single server. Officaly done till the next update, if that’ll even fix it that is… thank you to everyone that has tried helping me and God bless you. Hope Conan exiles treats you better then it has me…

just reset IP address is what I’ve heard. I suspect it happened to me once (no proof) but I just unplugged power from modem (maybe and router y not) for a few minutes and it worked, I could play again.

We would suggest trying to connect the XBOX to the router by cable rather than wireless, as it provides a much more stable and reliable connection. Ranson’s suggestion is also worth a shot.

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Me sucede lo mismo que a vosotros , llevo entrando al conan desde hace un año y medio, ahora llevo 2 días que me tira del servidor cada vez que intento entrar, tengo que intentarlo muchas veces hasta que me deja, nunca antes me había pasado, reinicio ruter y todo… Pero sigue igual…

… I still get this message multiple times a day and does not matter how many times I hard reset my router and console … usually single player for a few seconds works but if not I will try upto 5 times before I get a friend to kill my character …

u probably ARE being ddos :rofl: I’ve read ur horror stories. So glad I can’t join them. Poor Tink

Lol probably but the guys we fight are more into bringing the whole server down for hours at a time :joy: poor tink indeed I get picked on all the time :grin: think there just mad at my new base hehe !

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Very nice! Keep grindin’

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