Losing conection

Keep getting the error message losing connection to the server. Sometimes going to a different server or single player will get me back on. If not a full restart. Happening on all 4 pvp servers I play on. Servers seem to be crashing more.

Hello @Oides, we’ll need you to share additional details on the specific issue you’re having, including the servers, console and connection details ( speed, wired, wireless, ping to servers ) and when it first occurred, please refer to the topic below for further insight on how to properly submit a report:

Please share the requested information in our previous reply, otherwise we’ll be unable to assist you further.

I have the same problem with it seems all online servers (tried multiple) I play on xbox one with wired connection. I am able to log in in single player but not online. I use server 2725 but try others when I can’t connect. this has been happening a few days and seems to be getting worse. if I do get logged in I get booted saying lost connection to server. mostly now can not even log in says pending connection failure
could not connect to server, your connection to the host has been lost.

Have you had any luck getting back on any servers yet?
My wife and I are experiencing the same problems, the normal workaround to “join offline single player” quit and rejoin your server isnt even working for us anymore.
Absolutely cannot stay in the game for more than 30secs. Seems like staying “idle” in the game makes it even worse I’ll d/c after 5secs

IDK but it seems my problem has been resolved, no probs last few days. Did funcom fix the issues? or I called my cable company, had them out they found noise in the cable line apparently caused by an old amp…any hoot my issues seem to be fixed.

Either Funcom or the people hosting the conan servers fixed it

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