Official #2735 - Xbox One - Pending Connection Failure

Hello there! I have been experiencing issues with connecting to my server on Xbox One, Official #2735, for about 48 hours now.

I have tried to solve the issue in multiple ways to no avail and it seems other people on my server aside from a select few are experiencing the issue as well. Most times when I try to login to the server I get to the loading screen and it loads about 15% before kicking me back to the Main Menu with the “Pending Connection Failure” error. At times I can login after changing my connection type or port on Xbox but will get kicked within 10 minutes.

I have Port Forwarded, Open NAT Type, wired connection, wireless connection, hard reset modem, hard reset xbox, wiped Temporary data, uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail! I can play other official servers fine but not this one. I have been playing actively on this server for 2 months with minimal issues. Any help would be appreciated.


I was having this issue last night on my Xbox private server. Restarting the server, as well as loading into single player did not fix it. It seemed like the game was crashing before it could fully load, the bar on the loading screen would never fill, then it would switch loading screens and I would get the pending connection failure. I just kept trying, and after a while it fixed itself.

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There have been a number of players that have reported that they are having connection difficulties to g-portal hosted servers. Can we please get someone to look into this?

@Icey710 : Did you fill out a server outage report?

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I haven’t found a way to get this fixed. At times I can get 10 minutes of play before it kicks me and I have to go through a series of solutions to get 10 more minutes of play only to receive the same issue.

I have filed a report but only as or 10am PST today.


I’m legit about to buy a new xbox someone help lol.

Please Reset server 2735

I’ve been having the same issues again tonight, though I’ve been able to login again.

Not sure if it’s a fix, but I saw on another thread that unplugging your network cable, then trying. I did this, then restarted the server and my Xbox, and was able to login again.

Still having this issue. Played on #2510 all night with no issue 1-30 zero disconnects.


Is your server a west coast (Pacific Time) server?

Please see the post here with some relevant information about g-portal:

Is there going to be a solution or fix for this or do I have to take the “it is the fault of the ISP,” to heart? All other servers work fine. A ton of my friends locally that I work with as well as on Xbox Live are having the same issues. I have had no issues with any other servers just my main server.

It seems its rolling downhill, pc reported this issue a week ago in the 3800 block, if you pull up the server list, look at only official and sort by ping (highest first) 29ish, 28ish, and 27ish are almost all blocked out (america). Its a k own issue, just no one wants to just tell the truth. They prolly had a bug in the last patch and when those folks are doing the dupe method every morning or the new slick out of map building, its crashing the servers for gporral because it’s too much information when piled together. -deadly trading co and knights radiant have banded together for the glorious radiant death(not my idea, I wanted deadly radiance, but meh I was denied, knights trading co woulda been cool too). So when we able to play again on 2735, I’d like to get together with the other clans, let’s make a massive amphitheater of an arena safe for anyone to use at anytime, ideas let us know. I have 2 ideas, a skyrise style, which shouldn’t cause too much land claim, was thinking of putting it around 6E, that way all could access easily. Sound cool?

Also, just a question, since we cant log on, is all our stuff going to decay?

Server needs checked for possible glitching issues that are causing this. Problem is still persisting today. The Stonecutters clan is having no issue staying logged in as well as basically all new players coming to the server but pretty much every other player is screwed.

Please fix this. Take a look at it. This issue has happened before with other servers in the past with a server restart seemingly fixing the issue. I suppose glitching could be causing this and needs to be looked into.


Please take a look at this other thread (linked below). ISP routing to g-portal’s west coast servers has a problem. This problem is not directly a Funcom issue, nor directly a g-portal issue. Though, I believe that g-portal is trying to work with ISP carriers to get the issue sorted.

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Thank you for finally looking into this. I have tried everything on my end over the past 4 days. Just been playing on a different server for the mean time with bo issues. I believe the server I’m on currently #2510 is also PST West Coast.

Bump. Has this been resolved?

This has been resolved! Thank you guys very much.