Pending Connection Failure Feedback needed

Hello Exiles,

The team has been asking us to collect some additional info regarding the “Pending Connection Error”:

If you’ve experienced this issue in the past few days on one of our official servers could you let us know your Character Name as well as the server in question this happened for?

That would be super helpful for the tech team.
Thank you very much in advance, your help is super appreciated!

Character name Raven. Server #2960. Couldn’t happen at a worser time. Had alll my best gear with me.

This is easy. I already made a post about this but I will repeat it here.

Time: 6 A.M. (PST) Daily Reset on June 17th
Server: Official Server 2876
Character name: Reaker of Shem
Gamertag: ReakerKingdom96
Suspected reason: Server reset happened while I was still logged in. Tried logging back in after/during reset and got “Pending Connection Failure” and was kicked back to title screen.

Can u pls reset/reboot official xbox server 2200…
I’ve convinced irl friend to buy xbox x, just to play Conan hehe…and now he cant join the official server we on.
All other servers he can use, just not this one…always same msg ‘pending connection failure. Could not connect to server. connection to host has been lost’
I already had a char on this server…my friend wanted to join server with new char and he cant connect…

Hey there, getting kicked 8,9 times on peak times then trying for ages to log back in,name Odinschosen on server 2117

Character Name: Ragnar
Server: 2506

Time: 22/6/2018 4.20 P.M. (GMT)
Server: Official Server 2002
Character name: Calrok
Gamertag: CalrokFM
Suspected reason: Just downloaded patch. Got message three times. Did hard reset. Xbox crashed fully on start up. On re powering and launching game still recieving message. Also on 2nd Xbox account. Tested all Xbox connections and all are fine.

Official server 2587
Character make Bacchus

As of downloading the update, I am able to login to the server again

Connection Failure since the last update…
Character name: r3my07
Official Server: 2109
Please help me reconnecting

There’s many more ppl talking about this on Twitter. With the full crash shut down on start up cinematic then not being able to connect. Any further info? I know you guys must be working hard there but please advise us on what to do :pensive:

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Server 2509
Name SS Desk
Started with patch today, was online when the server went down. Now it will time out when loading.

We are looking into this. The info here really helps thanks :slight_smile:

One thing that will solve the pending connection error if you switch to another wifi if possible or if you wait for a server reset. Official servers reset every morning at 5am local server time. On private servers you can ask the admin to reset the server for you to help you get a proper connection again.

Hopefully with your info we can nail this down once and for all. Really sorry that you are running into this issue. The team is working on finding a solution.


Amazing, thanks so much. Such a relief to know for definite and not be wasting time checking.

Titi27fr serveur #2103 échec de connection depuis la maj

Official server #2509
Character name: Duke Silver
Have not been able to log in since yesterday’s patch.

Server 2650. 10 minutes ago (10:15 am). El Sucio Grillo. Switching WiFi didn’t work.

It was giving me this message before the patch. I couldn’t even make it past the dashboard. Now that the patch has completed, I am now crashing, crashing, crashing, within one minute of loading in. It is even glitchy on the opening cut scene when loading the game. I have cleared memory on my console down to 70% so I don’t know what else I can do. This is a very frustrating issue since it has already cost me a stonebrick home, all of my crafting stations, and three large boxes of contents. I was able to get on for a couple of hours yesterday and rebuild, but now I am back in a constant crash loop and fear I will lose everything again. While rebuilding yesterday, it did seem to crash more during episodes of in game weather, if near a large player structure with multiple thralls, and during battle with animals. I am on official server #2503 - America, character is named Jessi.

Character name: The Taker
Server: EU Official 2101

For me, it happens when I am playing during daily server reset. If I get kicked during reset, I’m locked out until the next reset. Thanks!