Pending connection failure official server 2200

Can u pls reset/reboot official xbox server 2200…
I’ve convinced irl friend to buy xbox x, just to play Conan hehe…and now he cant join the official server we on.
All other servers he can use, just not this one…always same msg ‘pending connection failure. Could not connect to server. connection to host has been lost’


Could you maybe please visit this Thread and leave some Infos in there, would be great. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming your friend was playing during the daily reset and now can’t join. Sadly the only fix that I know of is waiting a whole day for the next daily reset. Be causes about playing during reset. I think you get the error if you try logging back in while the reset is happening. I hope your friend sticks with the game. As buggy and a mess this game is, it’s still fun to play and build bases with friends.

This is all assuming this happened during the reset though. You will know if it is a daily reset if you get a message after getting kicked out of the server saying that the host closed the session (not to get confused with, connection to host has been lost). If you think it was caused by something else then please share.

It was giving me this message before the patch. I couldn’t even make it past the dashboard. Now that the patch has completed, I am now crashing, crashing, crashing, within one minute of loading in. It is even glitchy on the opening cut scene when loading the game. I have cleared memory on my console down to 70% so I don’t know what else I can do. This is a very frustrating issue since it has already cost me a stonebrick home, all of my crafting stations, and three large boxes of contents. I was able to get on for a couple of hours yesterday and rebuild, but now I am back in a constant crash loop and fear I will lose everything again. While rebuilding yesterday, it did seem to crash more during episodes of in game weather, if near a large player structure with multiple thralls, and during battle with animals. I am on official server #2503 - America, character is named Jessi.

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