Pending Connection Failure Official 2806

Game mode: [Online 2806
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
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Cannot join server after morning reset. Gives Pending connection failure. This has been happening all week at the morning reset, and I’ve only been able to join after about 14 hours of twiddling my thumbs later.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I have been having this error frequently since patch on 2806 too. Just recently d/c midgame and cant join back without receiving this error.

Still having same issue. I have emailed funcom and created other topics, but funcom still hasnt replied. Im able to join other official servers but not 2806.

Same thing with 2200. My dad just tried rejoining after reset. Reset his console, router, everything. Still unable to connect. They really need to do something about this, otherwise they’ll start seeing their player base steadily drop. I for one refuse to play a broken game. Been there done that. Not happening again.

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Ya ive tried everything as well. The only fix that ive read about is a server reset. Ya but its not as broken as ark and arks older. With a normal xbox or ps4 ark was unplayable. The console could not handle the game. Not to mention all the servers saying US are actually pinging out of the EU for xbox.

at least with ARK i can get in to my Official Server and play. With this I cant so much as connect to the server to see if any of my stuff is there.