Pending connection failure, xbox


Wow pay for a game that doesnt function correctly and the support ignores you when you have an issue…


Starting to think they have that many people having the same issue that they are just ignoring us at this point. I’ve tried several different ways of contacting them, no luck on any of them.


Yes, I am getting the same error, Pending Connection Failure at the end of the loading bar for PvP Server 1800 too right now

Unable to log into PVP server #2116 - please restart. Been unable for over 24hours

Im heaving The same problem in conection since yesterday, (Xbox) server #2985 pvp S.A, please fix this or reset The server. Im almost 24 hr without can log becuse this issue!

I am having the same problem on server 3090

i have been getting a connection pending error on server 3090 for 5 hrs now. i have reset everything on my end but still nothing. I would really appreciate a server reset so that i can play the game i paid for, with the money that saved your company

The same thing is happening to a clan member of mine. They haven’t been able to log on for the past two hours. Please reset the server so we can play the game we paid for. Xbox one server #2507.

UAgain, The game still not conect with server, that’s a shame guys, i alredy send 2 solicitation for The suport too fix this 4 and 3 hr ago and nothing fixed, our you guys dont read The forum or just dont care!
My clan sofer a massive atack today and i couldnt help they because of this dame issue!
First i buy this game and dont could dowload and you guys must refundme but i still geave one more chance too The game and buy it again but now seeing like you guys “care” about The players i almost ask my money back AGAiN!!!
Patience heave limit !!!
Thats a truly shame with players is just see your note in Xbox store and do you ill see just drop more and more act like this!!!

I just dont want play this game anymore, just want my money back!!!
If you guys dont care about The players fine, just dont cont with my money to do this!
And i done with the excuse seing the game are not finshed yet , if are this case, dont realese yet!
This game is just a new ark, a game realese to years ago and today still with the same problems!
Is a pit becuse i realy like the game but… a just sey enough up here

I’m having a problem getting in the server I’m on Xbox server 2813 it keeps saying could not connect to server your connection to the host has been lost can u reset the server

Hello. I started playing on Xbox one official PvP Europe server 2100 and the damn thing kicked me out and refuses to let me play on it after putting 2 solid days of playing and leveling. Real crappy and dishonorable. Can it be reset or something so I can start having fun again? Thanks

I’ve played on the official server #2579 America region for quite a bit and all of a sudden it gives me a “pending connection failure” saying I lost connection to host for a day now and just want to get back into the grind but don’t want to restart I saw you guys fixed it for another person was hoping if you could fix for me as well my friend is in the game but I can’t get in

By the way this is on the Xbox One if that helps

Do you guys have a line I can call because nobody checks these :weary:

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We have been actively looking into this and were asking for more info in this thread in the xbox bug and issues forums. It looks like we are getting closer on nailing this down. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the frustration.

I keep getting pending connection failure on server Official 2506 PvEC. If I change my internet connection to a mobile hotspot I can get into the server but it crashes but on my normal internet connection it fails to connect. Is there anyway to fix this?

We rolled out a fix for this earlier today. Please let us know if this continues.

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