GPortal Xbox Server Vanished

As title says; me and 3 of my friends were playing on my private server, got a message “server closed by host” and now none of us have been able to find the server for almost 5 hours.

We’ve all tried to monotonous troubleshooting steps; changing filters, hard resets, stopping the server, resetting the server, repair, changed settings to default, etc etc… Gportal customer support is borderline useless and seem to act like this is such a new problem that has never happened before, when its clearly not a rare issue for ps4.

The fact there’s no direct connect feature on console only adds to the agony of this bug.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I only get 1 day off a week and woke up at 6am to play this with my mates and this is what I’m dealing with instead lol, plz hlp.