Private server issue: Can't connect to host server

Hey there, my server has been running well for the last month and a bit that it’s been active, today I woke up and couldn’t connect to the server and neither can my players (error message: can’t connect to the host server), we can login for a few seconds and then we’re booted right back out again.

I’ve tried doing a reset and turning it off completely and back on again and it still seems to be having the same issue, I’m at work currently so don’t have time to muck around too much on the G-portal side of things right now, has anyone had much experience with this in the past?

Thanks very much!

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When 3.0 came out our pve-c had got kicked to pve after several resets. Call Gportal support they can be helpful

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Thanks for the reply, I’ve sent a ticket through the G-portal support channel, hopefully they can get it sorted soon!

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