Cant connect 4333 offical pve ps4

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cant connect to offical pve server 4333 on ps4.
havent been able to get on all day. Base is decaying send help!
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been 24hrs and have not heard anything yet.

anything i can do? my base is decaying/destroyed tomorrow

Don’t worry, I made a request for the 4093 server a few days ago but no ANSWERS.
Since the big bug in early June, this server is unavailable …

I was able to get on last week, to check the status of the delayed decay time. and yesterday was the day to refresh the counters

My PVE sever can’t cannot to the host been doing it for the last 2 days I’ve tried everything loading into a single player world using a different account everything I hope I don’t lose all my stuff I worked weeks to get

Hello, G-Portal has determined that there was an issue with the server machine, which was addressed today, apologies for the inconvenience.

thank you so much! was really worried that I would lose my bases!

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