Greedy players crashing pve server 3735


Game mode: PvE
Problem: crashing and lagging
Region: NA

Let me begin by saying I’ve been in this map a while. The others on here want help too

2 clans have taken up too much residence on pve server 3735. OMC and Shy Shadow have built so much in the swamp, highland, and desert region, that there server crashes and lags constantly. Whenever an area becomes too buggy, the move to a new area. It appears to be only 1 or 2 people in each clan, but they are making it impossible to play on the server if you arent in the areas they are currently building in. The areas they have finished building in have become too buggy to even pass through (if you dont believe me, check event logs. They tell it all). Because of the way the decay timer and infinite building range works, they can do theis unchecked and harass anyone that speaks out at them (tried it. Surrounded my bases with foundations whenever I was offline e so I had to leave the server. All because I asked them to tear some of it down to free up the server)

Dont even know if there is a way to help, but there’s a lot of us asking for help who have built on this server and been here a long time. It’s heartbreaking to have to just leave because these guys cant keep their trolling in pvp or sp where it can be managed. Please help if possible

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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