I can't connect to private server

Hello everyone

Is anyone else having connection issues with private servers? I checked down detector and they said that funcom could be experiencing issues. Does anyone know what’s going on? ETA on the issue being solved?

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Are other severs showing up for you. Over the years when I can not find my server it was something up with Gportal.

Other servers are showing up, but every server is reporting zero players playing.

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Not very often do people show to be on a sever even when they are. Just yesterday went on my server didn’t show any one in list and 4 or 5 were on. Perhaps that’s what happens when Funcom live or PSN says that they didn’t load.

Can you contact the server owner? Or any one else from the server? Maybe he accidentally failed to pay the rent. I have seen some disappear for a few days.

G-Portal server owner here. Seems to be an issue with funcom. I came across this forum while in fact searching for the problem. All servers are reporting as 0 players and latency 9999. Glad to know I’m not the only one I guess?

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Will have to check mine when I get home. I am in the US East coast. I have just figured it the big snow storm yesterday. @Community any thoughts.

Hi @Fleming5652

If you are experiencing issues with an unofficial/private server please make sure you reach out to the server admin.

If you have your own server and are experiencing issues, please reach out to G-Portal as they will be able to help you out further.

Also as for the latency 9999 issue, we are aware of this visual issue and our team is looking into it.
As mentioned above, please not that this is only a visual issue and should not affect your gameplay.

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Got home last night my server and my friends were both up.

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