Gportal servers

Rented an EU server based out of London and when i activated im being met with an error the server could not be added I’ve posted in gportal forums put forward a ticket to customer support and gotten nowhere yet is there nothing that can be done on your end funcom its getting extremely frustrating

I feel your frustration - I also own Gportal server and mine was periodicaly turning off every 5-10 min (EU). So I opened a ticket, they responded in like 5 min and recreated the server and voila - its all fine and OK now.

Funcom wont and cannot help you, this is all on Gportal so just keep connected with them via ticket system (forums are meh).

I hope your problem will get solved soon!

I had the issue yesterday, Basically G-Portal ran out of UK servers, the one im on now is based out of Frankfurt. Played on it for around 6 hours last night and no issues with Lag. Their support is ok tbh :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys been over 2 hours now and nothing from my ticket yet not seeing anyway to switch from London too Frankfurt now or is that something gportal will have to change in there end?

I believe you will have to delete the server and create a new one. Took me only a few minutes to do to correct when I rented my server early and it set up a PC server rather than the PS4 server I chose.

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