I can't join my gportal server

my game crashing in start of server

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Welcome to the Forum. Can anyone else who’s on your server able to get on. My server disappeared several times after update it is pve-c found it under pve when looking for a different server. If others are getting on the problem could be on your end. Have you tried another server as a test?

i crash only on my server other server is ok

Have you tried restart your server?

yes 3 times

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It is not showing up. Call Gportal help line

yes try it but is deutsch and i speak french XD

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Thanks for the invite. Between my wife’s and I server and official about all I can handle.

I too am experiencing this.

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His server came up again and I got on it not sure if he did have not heard back.

I had to contact gportal and they were able solve the issue. Had to move the location of mine to another.

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Good to hear. After update found mine had moved from pve-c to pve.

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