Nitrado PS4 OR Gportal

Ive been a long time user of Nitrado server and have never had an issue since day one. I called Nitrado to see if they where renting servers and they said that Funcom hadnt given them the rights to host yet, that the community needed to play a part in that. I rented a server with Gportal yesterday and its been a pain sofar, They say theres a dropdown menu to choose PS4 server but the link I clicked to pay said PS4, yet the icon doesnt say PS4, sofar they have charged since yesterday when the game wasnt officially out and today still the servers arent showing on the PS4, money lost on another day… I really hope that the money is credited back into our accounts since we are paying for a service that isnt running yet.

Is it possible for Funcom to allow Nitrado to host aswell? I really like Nitrado as a host since Ive used them along with many other members for long periods of time. They have superb customer services and a great Panel.


Yes! GPortal is a Pain! Please allow Nitrado to host Ps4 Server!