Suddenly showing 9999 ping, with 0 player, and 0 age, for a specific server, for a specific player, impossible to connect

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug, Server Connection
Region: EU

I was playing on a specific private and popular server for a while and everything was ok, until yesterday morning when I saw the server’s ping is 9999 on the server list, with 0 players and an age of 0!

I reported the problem to the admins, they saw no problem on the server since all other players were fine. I reset everything, from PS4 to router, I changed everything, from the connection type to internet service provider. I did everything I could, but nothing changed.

I still see that server with the ping of 9999, 0 players, and 0 age. I can’t connect to it due to “connection lost” error. while other servers are ok and I can connect to them with no problem. All other players on that server are ok and have no similar issue. Admins are trying to help;p me with all they can, and still no solution is at hand!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. go to the server list
  2. see the intended server with 9999 ping, 0 player, 0 age.
  3. try to connect to it but it fails with error message: connection lost.
  4. cry
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@Nightinglare the only thing I can think of right away is to have some one on the server to invite you in. Also if you’re body stays on server have somebody check that it’s there

If you are playing solo have some one check out your base. My wife and I have had a ps4 server over 2 years. And people have accidentally shut their character down. Hopefully this is not the case but if body base is gone it could be
Good luck to you. Do you have admin because there is some things you can spawn in that will keep you off the server as crazy as it sounds spawning a rabbit is supposed to keep you off server. Learned from a server owner not about to try myself.

we tried that with a friend on the server. but didn’t work. every time I accepted his invite, the same error was shown: can’t join the game.

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I also have clanmates, they are playing in the base with no problem. and I’m not the admin in the server, so I can’t do spawning.

Thank you very much for your responses. pls let me know if you had any other guess.

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Will do. Is your body still on the server?. Try using a alternate account to get on the server if that doesn’t work it could be on your end.

We did have a issue last year logging in and so did others so we would go into offline game and login to online with out leavening offline. @Community can you help with this @stelagel my friend do you have any input I know you have been on lots of server’s.

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If you play on ps4 you can try this.
If someone of this server is a psn friend to you, go to the main lobby of ps4 and join the game he plays, apparently conan exiles and to your server. I 've managed to get inside locked servers this way, ofcurce I didn’t knew it and after I spoke with the admins I log out or continue, however try this.
One last thing, are you sure that the admin did not ban you? Excuse me for the last question.

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as I’m told, our body will disappear one hour after we log out of this server, so my body will not be there. otherwise, I could’ve asked my friends and clanmates to check it.

I tried getting into other servers or playing offline and after that getting back to connecting to the server I want, which didn’t work. but I didn’t check connecting to it while I’m already in a game, online or offline.
I can do that by accepting an invite from my friends while I’m playing offline or on another server, right?
should go check that as soon as possible.

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and about being banned, no.
I asked the admins and they said they haven’t banned me.
there’s no reason for that anyways, I haven’t done anything wrong in there, everything is pretty much friendly and everyone is trying their best to have me back. the admins even contacted gportal but they weren’t much of a help!
being banned wouldn’t look like this either, as I’m told. would it? I mean would you see the server with 9999 ping?

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Cool, did you try to join with a friend playing at this server. 9999 says nothing to me, I play the last 10 months in American servers but I am from Greece, so all the time it says that I have 9999 pings but when I join I play normally :wink:. The most important is for you to manage to join in just once again. Try the trick and tell me.
1.go to ps main screen and make sure that no game is act.
2. go to the icon of conan exiles and under it you will see friends playing conan.
3.Choose the friend that you know he plays on your server and press join game.

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@community our friend needs help. @Hugo

ok we tried all the above suggestions and none worked, but we have found the solution today!
I thank you stelagel, sestus2009, and everyone else for participating, sharing, helping, or even reading the post. the fact that your efforts didn’t lead to the solution doesn’t make them any less precious.

And now about the solution:
The whole problem started after a hardware changing server maintenance by Gportal due to heavy lags making the game unplayable which led to admins requesting the issue being addressed by Gportal.
And today a similar request was made by the admins due to similar problems. Another server maintenance and my problem has vanished after that.
The admins told me that apparently it wasn’t another hardware change, but there was a problem in the hardware that was fixed during the maintenance. Gportal doesn’t say anything more than that unfortunately, so I don’t have anything more specific to share with everyone here.
But what is clear here is that the problem was not from the player or the admins side but only from the server provider side.

I hope it helps everyone with the same issues in the future.


Thanks for sharing

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