Ps4 server is down 3877

Server 3877 ps4 is down been down all day

Same for PVE 3503. It is in the server list as valid with 9999 ping says 40/40 but this happened before so pretty sure its not full but something is wrong with it again. There were quite a few of them listed as ping 9999

We posted the following in regards to the 9999 ping:

“Some servers (private and official) will appear on the list with 9999 ping and full player slots. This isn’t because the server is down, it’s just because the server hasn’t been pinged by the game. If your chosen server appears to be full, with 9999 ping, when you load up the server list, just wait a few minutes until the server is pinged. Then it will update with the correct ping and number of players and you can connect! If the process takes too long it will time out. Ping will be listed as 9999, but it will show 0 players online. If that happens you should still be able to connect to the server.”

It IS something we’re looking into at the moment, as it’s a high priority. Sorry for the trouble regarding that!

Also, as an additional work around if you know other people on the server you can join off them if they are in the game. This has been the easiest way for me to get in the game.

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