PS4 Server #3517 PvE - 9999 Ping for Weeks. Affects Only Me and Not Other Friends

Game mode: Online
Problem: Server Connection
Region: America

I have been trying to join my friends on PvE server #3517 for 3-4 weeks. I have checked every day during that time, and #3517 always appears in the server list with 9999 ping and 0/40 players, even when multiple friends are playing at that time. I try to join it, the loading screen appears, and then I am taken back to the main screen and given an error saying, “Pending Connection Failure: Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.”

None of my friends who plays on #3517 are affected in this way. We all live in different parts of North America, and I am the only one with the 9999 ping problem. On my PS4 main menu when the Conan Exiles tab is highlighted, I can see that a friend is playing and there are 8/40 active in #3517, for example. And yet when I boot up the game, it still shows 0/40 in the server list for #3517, so there’s some sort of disconnect.

I’ve set up a static IP and followed a port forwarding guide for Conan Exiles. I’ve changed to a different router. I’ve changed my region with a VPN. I’ve rebuilt my PS4’s database. I’ve tried joining the #3517 server via my friend’s “Join” option on the PS4 main screen. I’ve sat on the server screen for an hour while pressing triangle to refresh the server list in hopes that the ping would change. I downloaded the game on PS5 to see if it was a device-specific issue for whatever reason. All of these attempts have failed and result in the same 9999 ping with a connection failure and inability to create a character.

When searching “35” on the server list, it brings up a list of servers that start with 35 or have a 35 in them. For most of the servers, the pings vary from 66 to 300, but servers 3516, 3517, 3518, 3519, and 3520 all have 9999 ping, so the issue is something that all the servers in that range have in common. I was able to create a character on my old server with no issue, and I was able to create a character on a server that is the same age as #3517. It is only those range of 5 servers that have a problem for me.

Can someone please help me? I feel like I’ve tried everything possible, and it’s far too late to ask my friends to change servers and start over just so one person can play with them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to server list
  2. Search for 3517 or simply 35
  3. See that server PvE server 3517 is always 9999 ping and has been for over 3 weeks
  4. Attempt to join 3517
  5. The game moves to the loading screen. It quickly transitions back to the server list showing an error message and then moves back to the loading screen. The loading bar fills about halfway and then I am taken to the server screen with an error message.
  6. The 9999 ping issue affects specifically PvE servers 3516 through 3520.
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here is the address to report problem. You are not the only one having this problem.

sestus2009, Thank you for the link to the Zendesk site. I previously contacted them there about the issue but have received no response. That’s why I came here to post it in hopes someone who could help would see it. With it having been 9999 ping every day for almost a month, I don’t expect it’s an issue that can ever be resolved for me, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to try reaching out.

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Sorry to hear. They just put decay timer back to original. @Community could we have a response.

Hi again. I just thought I’d bump this since there’s been no response so far. I noticed that Nightinglare, another person with a 9999 ping issue, had his problem solved today, and I wondered if my issue might be related to that, with the problem being not from the player or admin side, but from the server provider side.

I really hope I can find some assistance if anyone has time for me. Thanks.

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Seems like everyone having problems need to go through Zendesk address now I have not been to it yet. Not having problems in my game personally. Looks like no one is getting help on forum except from other players we are just sitting in the dark. If they are going to send people to Zendesk they acknowledge the post and give some answers not cut and paste crap

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