Ping 9999 - PC - Official PVE server

To Funcom.

A general question - when will you ever fix the ‘ping 9999’ issue?
It makes the game unplayable sometimes, since you arent able to join the server, you play on.

Its been arround for ages that bug - but it seems like its a “standard game feature”
I have been on many servers during my time in Conan, and all of them, have had that ping 9999 issue.



It has been especially bad on siptah pve 6455 for a very long time, and sometimes it takes hours before it is back online again :frowning:


It is still a problem, and a lot as Frillen said on 6455. Almost every day we get disconected due to 9999 ping sometimes for 1.5 hours. Is it possible to fix this ? :slight_smile:

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Hope they will fix it soon.

I am having that issue right now on server 6443 isle of siptah. it is annoying

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K I leave it at this now…

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