High latency since Siptah update?

Since Siptah came out my latency to most official servers is through the roof, has anyone else had the same problem? The majority of the time now I’m having to restart Conan just to refresh the server browser in the hope this time the latency is below 140 so I can connect. It’s extremely frustrating when prior to the update I never had this issue with the original servers.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you overcome it?

Same for me.
Getting a ping low enough to connect is like playing lottey recently.

You can go to www.battlemetrics.com and search for ‘your’ official Sever(s) there.
If it is listed, it will show IP address and Port.
Save this information and use it for direct connect (no password on official servers)
Unfortunately not all Siptah servers are listed there yet

“Unfortunately not all Siptah servers are listed there yet”

I confirme =’(

Maybe (if you have already played there once) this might help to get your server´s IP:


Yeah this is affecting my whole group we have to restart the game 4-6 times to get in

Agreed. I’m basically playing on three different servers now because I never know which one I’ll actually be able to connect to. I haven’t been able to connect to my main since yesterday afternoon. What’s really frustrating is that my ping for that server is often at 145 to 148 so I’m super super close.

There is news for this topic now:

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