Client server ping

At least 90% of the time when I load into server list, the game seems to be artificially setting my ping to be ridiculously high (150-400+) which prevents me from playing (official servers).

Refreshing server list doesn’t work because once you saw server list once, the ping doesn’t change after that, so the only solution I’ve found is restarting the game and pray I get my natural ping. This basically makes it take up to 30 mins to get into an official server.

No, it’s not an issue with some background downloads or my internet.

I’ve seen a post or two about this already, please consider adding this to the list of upcoming hotfixes as I’m sure more people are having the same issue but the vast majority of players don’t use the forums.

If someone knows a temp fix, please lmk. It’s getting unbearable.


I have the same problem. My ping is tested approx. 20 ms and not 160 as shown when i try to join a server. One thing fixed, two brought back as expected. :frowning:

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Same here …
Please fix it :frowning:

I have the same issue. I keep getting above 150+ ping and constantly have to restart the game to get a decent ping before I can join. Even though I know I should be getting below 100 ping on it, as that was the case when I joined it.

Though that often means the server is usually full by the time I finally get a decent ping shown. Not to mention that the server list takes super long to refresh and you can’t stop and refresh it again. Not even in the favourites tab, even though I have only 2 servers listed there. And going back to the main menu and then back to the server list often keeps the same ping info and bugs the player count to 0/40. So the only option is to constantly restart the game over and over just to get back into your server.

It’s incredibly frustrating and pretty much makes it impossible to play the new dlc or to progress.

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I live on top of a vertebrae of the internet backbone here in Dallas. I am having problems with ping, it usually takes two or three attempts (closing the game, or logging into another server/single player, then reattempting) to get in. My friend in Atlanta cannot get into the game at all. This is a common thing that many on my server talk about. FIX THIS PLEASE!

It takes me 10 attempts on average

I am having major issues with ping as well. Half the time it’s fine and half the time it’s really bad. The server that I play on (EU private, no mods) had between 600 to 9999 ping registering this morning. I could connect most of the time but the game was pretty much unplayable.

The refresh-button does not work even after the list has been completed.

This is what you do:

Search your server at

Paste address and port into direct connect.

And Bob’s your uncle.

On a side note: Really what is this about? This is so wrong in more than one way.

I have the direct connect info for the server I play on. That is how I always connect. It isn’t helping.

There is no battlemetrics for siptah servers from what I’ve checked…

If your server is not on that list?

nope. but I see that other siptah servers are on there.

The search is a pain to use. Try this:


( just change the 6004 to your server number) … ive noticed that some siptah servers are listed and some are not and its not dependant on when they opened

I have this same issue, especially sucks when you logout to fix the falling through the floor issue and you get hit with this ping issue

Still doesnt work, I appreciate the help though

If your server is not in the list then you got bad luck.

Just search by the number. In case the search comes up with multiple servers you will be able to tell which one is the one you’re looking for.

Same here. Cant play the game either.

Seems to be ok this morning, my sitpah server is down to 61 and my exiled lands is 40 :slight_smile:

And still no new from funcom on this subject ?