Refreshing Ping Issue?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: ALL
Region:* US

Official servers have a ping requirement of 140. If you ever have a higher ping you CANNOT enter the server. The only way to refresh this ping is to restart the game or wait 5-10min EACH TIME. I understand you want to have players with a decent ping, but having to wait 5-10min to refresh is the problem. This should be an instant click and its not.

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I was hoping they would at least raise the PvE server ping limit until the issue is fixed. I can understand PvP servers having restricted pings but it makes no difference on PvE?

Have same bug.Use direct connect to enter the server.Ping is ok-just numbers in server list is wrong.Separate refresh button will be very helpful

The ping issue is horrible lately. I picked my official servers by lowest ping, around 50-60. Most days they are good, but some days it shows over 300. this server browser needs some rework or g-portal needs to fix their crap.

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The full list of official servers shows ping higher than allowed, it is very difficult to wait for it to go down, sometimes it takes more than an hour to enter.

I too am still having the same issue. I have to exit and reload the game multiple times to get a ping that is lower than 140. Please post the server IP addresses and ports to Battlemetrics so we can direct connect until you resolve this issue. Many of the new servers are not listed on Battlemetrics yet. Doing so would provide a quick, easy fix for this until you can resolve the technical issues.

Been trying to join the game on server #6421 the entire day and the ping jumping from 144 to 1000+

I see other EU and American servers on lower ping.

Me and my mates are all having these issues. And restarting the game to get a new ping is needs a work around.

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