Official server always 40/40 9999 Ping

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Well as the title says…
I always try to connect in server 3157 , always shows full …
my friends get in, and the only way for me is join them… but when i try enter alone, nothing…
I am very easy with bugs and the likes, but, come on, its getting my nerves.
I get the game first day.
I try reinstall the game and update, nothing.
I try restart my ps4 , nothing again.
I have a 300 mb internet conection… the only game has so many troubles to play is this… can you please do something about it? I read that a Lot of guys have the same problem… its time you fix it, dont you thinking?
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This has happened to me aswell multiple times

Ive had it happen fpr almost 2 houes where it either doesnt find the server Ive rented, or all 20 slots are full for no reason. Or I get connected with errors I have to report to Sony which doesn’t do squat either. Might belooking for something else to play here pretty quick since this has been going on since release withno fixrs yet.

Me too im playing on server 3728 The funny thing about this is that I play with my cousin in Mexico and he says that hes list on the servers comes as soon as he presses the online and then the PVE and he has like twenty someting out of 40 and mine takes forever just to show me 40 out of 40 and 9999 ping
They only way I’ve been able to play is by refreshing a bunch of times or restarting the game I hope this gets fixed soon. !!!

Iv got this haven’t been able to get on the server I play on since the update

I’ve been having this same issue for weeks now. Searches take a very long time just to show me a list of like 10 official servers that are all 40/40 9999 ping. Funny thing is… the game worked just fine until the second patch.

Same problem hére.
My friends conect vía wifi, and They show the real server, me? Always full… i hope They fix it next time…

Hi People,

was having the same issue and kind of solved it I hope^^
I wrote to Gportal’s customer service (they are really quick in responding ~20min)

I asked them to move the server, I know that doesn’t change anything in the data, but since that day never had the bug again!
You may need to annoy them with a second / third message telling them what to do, but like I said my whole tribe and I can now enter the server everyday :slight_smile:

How did you contact them?

Same here on 3155 official server. it’s always full but it has only 7-8 on players. I have to wait to load full server list witch only have 10 Or 20 not full servers(big bug I thing because there aren’t full official servers really, only full by this bug) and reload till my server isn’t full, I play every day after an hour reloading server list and my server NEVER gets really full. I havent any other problem on this game, guys it has less bugs than ark NOW. but this bug is really frustrating, like I know the server has 10 players on but have to Wait an hour loading server list completely: server full, reload, server full, reload(after an hour) 8/40…

Same here, we have a server with some friends, they can login easy, to me it always tells full server 9999 ping.

As many people said, joining the game through a freind that is already in works all the time without problems, but login on my own nearly never.
I can’t understand, why I always need to load 5000 password protected servers I am not interessted in.
Why isn’t there a continou button in the main menu that let me join my last used server, it would solve all issues (at least for me).
The game is very time consuming, so most people will play on one server, absolutly no sense of showing me thousands of others…

The way to go for me is:

  • Load serverlist, then wait and do nothing untill the servers showing up (aboout 7 minutes).
  • Then search for our server, mark it as favorite, go to favorites and remove all others listed there,
    It never saves my changes, after game is restarted the same stupid favorite list is shown without our server -.-
  • Then repeat loading the servelist until it is not shown as “full” and try to join.
    It somtimes takes 5 iteration, wich means an hour of frustrated waiting.

I love the game, I love playing with my friends, I don’t mind some bugs.
But if I can’t join the game without all this problems within a week or so, I am out.

P.S: Yes, I am salty while writing this.

This is a known bug from the game and was on PC for a good part of the alpha version on the game. I have a server Regalia’s Exiles. Same issue always 20/20 and ping 9999, you need to wait 1-3 minutes until you can see the number of people.

If you are on a PS4 feel free to join that one, settings are very similar to any PVP servers, I just disabled building decaying and increased hunger/thirst wait time.

If you want to join the server usually takes 1 minute since you see20/20 to have an available spot.


Hei, where did you moved your server from ? Mine is in DE, I can move it to UK.