Rent server on Gportal xbox

Hello, I downloaded the gportal application to rent a server on xbox. However when I chose to rent server for Conan Exiles, the application does not go away. So I can not rent a server: how can I do?

GPORTAL is currently at capacity and had to temporarily pause server rentals. They’re working around the clock to expand their capacity and re-open rentals ASAP. Thanks for your patience!

would there be an opportunity to be informed as soon as possible of the opening of server? that we can rent immediately before Gportal is saturated ?

Thank you for that answer. I tried to order yesterday and was frustrated when didnt work. Is this the same reason which is making it harder to get more xbox servers?

Might want to check and make sure you werent charged for a server. I was charged twice and still didnt get a server.

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