Graphic Glitch Only in Jungle

Hi Exiles,

I went to the Jungle area tonight and noticed a Graphics Glitch in the Jungle Only… I have a screenshot but I t will not upload as I am a new user… I will try and host on my pic host site but can not log in right now…here are my system specs:

  1. Intel i5 7600K Kaby Lake
  2. MSI Z270 SLI motherboard
  3. Asus 1080GTX 397.64 drivers installed after running DDU…
  4. SoundBlaster Z Sound card.
  5. Corsair Vengance 16GB 3000mhz XMP Profile…

It is basically an area mostly on the ground but it looks like a blanket or rug over the jungle floor and it blocks out the image I am supposed to see… I run Steam File check but it still did not fix it… I am on Windows 10 64bit v1709

Hi there,

Are the drivers for your graphics card updated to the latest version?

Yes, I posted the driver version in line #3 of my specs 397.64, these are the latest :wink: I also did a DISM and SFC /Scannow for Windows and it found no integrity violations…

I am super sorry for both not replying to this earlier (i missed it in my inbox a while ago) and missing the line about the graphics drivers. If it is not drivers, then it might be something in game that is causing it. I moved this topic to the PC Updates and Bug Reports to get more eyes on the issue.

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