Recent Patch glitch?(jungle one i've noticed)

Game mode: All I would assume
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: America

I’ve noticed two thing that were included in the recent patch but that doesnt seem to work as intended:
1- The semi giant snake in the jungle do spawn, but they do not attack you nor anything else, I legit killed one with my fist because I could(and yes, I did it buttnaked too).
2- The black hand do now have panther, but they are not friendly to one another, the big black hand base in the jungle, north of the ruined city of Icanotspellthatname, I went there to see the panther and black hand, I found a trail of bodies from both the black hand and panthers, they were killing each other.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Find a snake in the jungle/Black hand camp
2.Attack the snake/watch the panther and pirate fight
3.Laugh at the failure of a reptile he is/laugh at the in fighting
4.Skin it/clean up the mess


Is this on server, official, privat or on a singleplayer game.

Seems two different cases if i understand right.

And the snake not reacting, and the black-hands and the panthers. Right ?
Can you say which camp or spot exactly ?

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Its on my private server and singleplayer as well, and yes, two case, the snake not reacting beside moving toward me and beside trying to lick my face, he does nothing but stare, the black hand and the panthers, it seem only certain jungle camp(even those who had no panthers around before) seem to have panthers, the one I’ve noticed it the most present is the floatsam Jamilla’s liberty, there are panthers everywhere around the place when as before, there was none, its all in the northern spot of the jungle, what some call Pirate cove.

The giant snake in the Jungle, on Single-Player… didn’t have any issues with it attacking my character.
(no mods)

edit: Also the panther pets of Black Hand worked as intended.

… though my pet panther, after attacking, gets kinda weird - he looks like he’s very angry and still trying to attack the corpse - but when you go far enough away, he will respawn and act as intended. :slight_smile:


I know they have panthers now, i saw them enough, but never saw that they was fighting each other. Kind of strange.

Do you use some mods ?

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I do, mostly mods for decor and such, like Immersive rp decor for exemple
(forgot to update, I removed the Immersive rp decor and building mod and the snake started to attack again as well as the panther seemed fixed)

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