Weird bug could use some suggestions

I have been recently exploring the jungle area, However any creature i kill in the jungle i am unable to skin or cut up in any way. It works on all other creatures/animals anywhere else on the map but the jungle i cannot harvest anything from the creatures. it does the animation of harvesting them however nothing is dropped. Any ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix it? It seems to be only related to jungle creatures such as cheetah, salamander, and all other creatures found only in the jungle. I was able to kill and antelope i found on the edge of the jungle and skin it fine. 11 cheetah’s later and still no luck :’(

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That is a strange sounding issue. You don’t mention whether you are playing Solo or on an Official or a Private server? And whether you have any MODs in use? If this were a general bug then you would see a lot of complaints, etc. so this is likely only you/the server you are on.

this is a general bug. Normally it is just a little off. Move around and the dead becomes skinnable. Also, when you are having a poor communication with the server or the server is getting close to a crash (I believe), skinning becomes really difficult. Usually when I am trying to skin and just can’t get it, no matter how many directions I try from, I know I’m about to get a disconnect.

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Yeah, that definitely true re when server about to reincarnate. Affects placing stuff, looting - effectively everything and everywhere on the map.

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I am on a solo world and i do have some mods in use however i reinstalled the game and removed the mods and the issue still occurs

I’ve seen a few bugs that seem to resolve them self after you Verify Integrity Of Game Files…
worth a try.

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