Jungle creatures not dropping heads; some items still bugged

Game mode: Online, Private Server
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Hi there! I just have been having a small problem that I wanted to check in about. First is the biggest one; we’ve updated our games and my tribe and I set off to the Jungle to grab us some new trophies. However…none of the creatures (Gorilla, Birds, Jaguar or Salamander) are dropping their heads. We’re using Iron Hatchets/Cleavers with efficiency additions on them. The tons of meat and feathers are nice, but the heads are what we want. I want to note here that we have not wiped our server because we’ve been building and doing stuff on it over the last few weeks and that would be a huge loss to us. Is this problem fixed for others, or are the heads just rare?

Secondly, a handful of items are still bugged. I can’t pick up the large tent I’ve placed down; no menu comes up for it and you can walk right through it. Additionally, the “Tusk Trophy” is still bugged; it reads as “xx_TuskTrophy” in the Artisan Bench, and crafting it with the required materials works, but trying to place it brings up a Hyena Head trophy. The icon is still of a bag too.

Thanks for your time!

I can vouch for the bird heads not dropping. My base is right among a bunch of them. Kill at least 20 a day and never got a head