Leopard does not give heads for trophies

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

I remember this was a bug when the jungle biome first came out, but now it’s back! I have harvested about four dozen leopards, using star metal cleavers, steel cleavers, obsidian picks, and obsidian hatchets. I did not get a single leopard head. I would think that I’d at least get one after 50 attempts!!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill a leopard.
  2. Use a cleaver, axe, or any tool that can give a head while harvesting.
  3. Repeat 100 times.
  4. Cry as you never get a single leopard head because the fvcking thing is still bugged.
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LOL repeat 100 times. :smiley:

In my experiences hatchets gives the most heads.
Not one single leopard tho.
Also not one elephant head either.

But unfortunately and controversially cleaver doesn’t give a head EVERY time. FFS it is a cleaver used to chop up bones… separate bodyparts from each other. Yet no bones and no heads with a cleaver. those things should be the default to get these materials… and some meat too (this one at least working).

and tbh I think every animal in the game has a head… So where is my bunny trophy, eh? Not to mention baby dragons.

ALSO speaking of trophies… There is an xxx_tusk_trophy in the list I can make. I tried it… got a hyena head. Wierd?

I also noticed that the cleaver gets bugged sometimes… it will give heads, then none. Relogging seems to fix it temporarily, but with use, it gets bugged again.

Still no Leopard heads.

All these little bugs. Makes me not want to pay for any DLC content till they fix the bugs that have been there for weeks… sigh

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Same for jungle birds. I cleaved up several dozens of them, and never got a head.

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Yeah, nobody I know has ever gotten birds heads from the jungle, either.


Maybe because there is no Leopard head trophy in the taxidermist feats, only jaguar, tiger, sabertooth, but no Leopard, or is it really Leopard or what you mean is Jaguar ? or cmiiw

I think he means Jaguar. Same here, killed hundreds, no head, same with the 3 birds. Also, haven’t found a white Rhino yet either.

Out of 42 possible heads, these 5 are aloof.