Leopards do not give heads


Leopards seem to be bugged in that they never give heads when harvesting. Other creatures, like swamp birds, seem to either never give heads or possibly the drop rate is set super low. Any suggestions?

What are you gathering the heads with?

And is it the right kind of leopard? There seems to be a black variant seen in the jungle and a spotted variant. I thought the black ones dropped the head but could be wrong.

The black panthers drop heads, but the spotted leopards do not. I’ve tried picks, hatchets, cleavers, even weapons, of obsidian, steel, hardened steel, and star metal. I’ve killed hundreds of spotted leopards, and not once did I get a single head while harvesting.

Spotted leopards and jungle birds never drop heads for me.

Tried with a regular hatchet and a cleaver. Neither work.

Every time I see this thread I promise myself I won’t comment that the title of the thread begs to be posted in an ERP forum. :stuck_out_tongue: This time I failed :smiley:


Well there definitely is a lack of head in this game from a number of mobs. No bird head, no leopard head and definitely no boss head.

I can confirm that I have gotten no head from the above since this game went live.:crazy_face:


Only certain bosses drop heads…

Go find a living magma. There’s one nearish the Den. There’s a few on Road to the Pilgrim and more in the volcano. Or get Elk Kings in the Highlands.

Either one of those count as a boss head and are easy kills.

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I can confirm; cougars give head.


Elk Kings always drop heads. Use any cleaver and they will.

OMG I might love you. Gonna laugh at this all day.

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Gorilas doesnt drop their heads either.

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Gorrilas gave head I can confirm that.

Cleaver… You need access to steel tools first.

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My buddy Raz likes those gorilla heads because their mouthes open nice and wide.:open_mouth:

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and their lips aren’t square :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last night, I used a star metal cleaver on the freshly slain carcas of that white dragon one finds in the snow south outside the south-west side of the volcano area… Got no head.:tired_face:

I think high end cleavers should always produce a head when used to harvest.

HAD few girl friends like that…key word is HAD…:grin:

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Yeah, my wife wasn’t all that impressed by my slaying of the dragon, no head there either… but I did get a little tail. :sunglasses:


<3 OMG makes me wish this was an erp friendly mmo. I wish they could add CE to Unchained. I would sub again in a heart beat.

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