Why don't bosses give us head?

Just asking since it’s a pretty significant kill and they don’t give head? Why is that?

Seems like someone has missed the mark on a cool vanity item for players. - that they really deserve.

Also why do we not get elephant heads we get mammoth but no elephant head what’s up with that? I mean there are two bear heads and to wolf heads why not the elephant?

Devs help me understand this please.

In my experience, the chance of a mob dropping a head is significantly increased by the quality of the tool you use.

When you get your mits on a star metal cleaver (perhaps modded for tool efficiency too), you’ll get a head more often than not, so it’s arguably a progression issue.

That some mobs don’t have a head in their drop table is perhaps a design choice, but since they weren’t promised, I don’t personally have a problem with that.

If it’s not listed in the taxidermy feats page, I wouldn’t expect one.

I was disappointed when I didn’t get one from my first boss kill too, but you’ll be drowning in them soon enough.

Fwiw, the gorilla type rocknoses drop a rock nose king head which can be used to complete the boss head journey step. That might be a bug tho, but it’s a fairly easy way to complete it. I think someone can just trade you one of theirs to the same effect too.

I agree it would be awesome to collect and display boss heads, and this thread title is hilarious by the way.

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Demon spider boss gives a head but may be the only one.

Not sure OP knows what it means to give head


King Rhino, too.

I take it you don’t understand subtle humor??

I understand what you’re saying, but if you’re willing to play with mods, Age of Calamitous does exactly that. It doesn’t give you heads from pre-existing bosses, but the mod adds a lot of stuff to the game and bigger, meaner bosses is one of them. If you can manage to kill them, you definitely do get their heads and you can mount them on your walls.

Before my server wiped, I had an arena that had 3 gigantic bear heads mounted on the inner walls. I did it because it not only looked cool, but I died soooooo many times from those damn bears that they had it coming. D:<

I saw this thread title and the first thing I did was laugh.


Likewise. I thought about the giant spiders and I was like ‘ewwwww’ :rofl:

Back on topic though, it would be nice if more boss heads were available for mounting.

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Just go to the volcano if you want head.

The living magma are whores like that.

They’ll all give you head.

And you’ll get your boss head!

“Why don’t bosses give us head?”

Will ask the highest authority on the matter, my wife.
(sorry, couln`t resist)


The witch queen gives head if you ask politely…derketo and that stuff xDD

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