Not meant to be a Troll, or Insult. More Heads please!

I’m just sayin…there are a lot of creatures that either do not give you the proper head…greater Jaguar, for instance gives normal jaguar head…or they do not give a head at all. Not trolling, but wouldn’t that be an easy fix for the game? Aren’t these trophy heads made by simply taking the in-game creature’s head…copying it to a new file, then making minor modifications to it, to make the trophy? In other words, this could be new content for an upcoming patch, and probably take minimal work to make that happen, right?

Some heads that I think we would all love to see:

  • Frost Dragon
  • All “Greater” animals
  • Any animal that does not currently give a head.

Personally I would like to also get the option to cut off both npc human heads and players and get the face they use kind of like trolling you kill a guy so many times you have a row of his heads on a spike to remind him do you really want to try this again

Also be nice as a pet to just my personal opinion


Why this is not a trolling post at all RustyLH, but a good, sound suggestion. I was actually just grumbling to myself recently that the White Dragon didnt have a head like the Red and Green ones do. It would actually be cool if we could get the head of the Undead dragon too. And in fact more bosses in general. One could argue it is our just reward for killing them. I would also like heads and/or skulls from frost giants and serpentmen. I also agree with Shadozas call for more taxidermy options.


That would be extremely cool. And I would also like to get a named head or skulls from dead T4 npcs too. Some time ago now, and back when dead humans still dropped Weathered Skulls, I used to sit one(skull) on a Shelf, with a sign bearing their name mounted above/below it (eg-Beastmaster Teimos, Luba the Luscious, Kisthis Fleshtearer). Unfortunately when I moved to my T4 Black Ice base I had to mix them all up when moving. Well either that or move them all one at a time, which is waaay too time consuming.


Heads of your fallen enemies in Atlas is a thing, so I don’t see why not. Atlas has a full range of ways to have trophies of your enemies. You can put them in cages, or hang them, or put them in a guillotine, etc…You can then mount their head on a wall. You can also mount their skulls. When you look at it, it tells you whose head it was.

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Please don’t take this the wrong way but…

I want crucifixes to nail my enemies’ corpses to.

Please don’t judge me.


When there’s stuff like that, I usually get a piece of paper and write down the order that they went on. On SP and with the mod Chareditlite, i have a full chest of shards that are alike, but i have a piece of paper and so if i want to take the shard that holds the appearance of my personal spinas, I know that it’s the 1rst line 4th column :wink:

All of the heads. Why some creatures drop heads on others don’t is baffling. Especially the white dragon. I would love to have all three dragon heads next to each other on a wall.

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I remember atlas being a complete joke back then, being named as a ark reskin but on sea.

What is the state of the game nowadays?

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Saying Atlas is just a skin of ARK is what is the complete joke. I get why people thought that, because in fact, that was the original intention…that it just be an ARK DCL, but there are so many differences. A few things are the same, and just reskinned, such as your basic tools and the Smithy.

Most people never learned the game and left because of the early bugs. At this point, the only problem with Atlas, are the same problems that all survival games have.

If you have a small group of say, 4 to 24 people, you might want to find a good unofficial server. But, with 24 hard core players that put in a lot of time, you can still be fairly successful in Atlas, on official.

As to what is different compared to ARK…many many things.

No flyers to ride.
Ships to build
Animals tame differently
An emphasis on exploration…need to get those discovery points to level up.
Different Crafting Stations
Making better gear is different than ARK.

In ARK, you just need to find a Blueprint. In Atlas, the Blueprints only have so many crafts available on them. Also, in addition, each level higher requires more types of resources to craft. By that, I mean this…in ARK, a higher level just requires more resources to make, usually. So instead of 10 ingots, it might need 25. In Atlas, there are at least 6 types of every resource. So for instance:

  1. Agedwood
  2. Darkwood
  3. Ironwood
  4. Lightwood
  5. Softwood
  6. Strongwood
  7. Wetwood


  1. Cobalt
  2. Copper
  3. Iridium
  4. Iron
  5. Silver
  6. Tin


  1. Bark
  2. Fronds
  3. Reeds
  4. Roots
  5. Rushes
  6. Twigs

So, if you are making a common item, and it requires some wood, metal, and thatch, any one of those on these lists will do.

If, however, you are using a BP that is just above Common, you will need to have two types of each resource, in the amount required by the blueprint. So, for instance, the common might need 10 metal, but a Fine BP you find might require 2 x 15 Metal. You will need 15 of any two metals. That means 15 of each. But, it can be any two types.

The quality goes as thus:

  1. Common 1x resources
  2. Fine 2x resources
  3. Journeyman 3x resources
  4. Masterwork 4x resources
  5. Legendary 5x resources
  6. Mythical 6x resources + Mythos

Mythos is something you get by killing certain creatures, many of which are not at all easy to kill. Yeti, Cyclops, etc…

Many things have been added, and many things made better than they were. Honestly, for people who have not played, I would play on a vanilla PvE server for a while, and learn as much about the game as possible. Then go to a PvP server. Even if you played the game shortly after release…it has seen a lot of changes.

Wow, RustyLH that all sounds downright awesome and like something we could enjoy on this game! :wink: :smiling_imp:

Take it the wrong way…!? Pfft…I think its a great idea DelRioServerMaster. In fact I practically insist on it.

Would something such as this be to your liking gentlemen…?


And how is the PVP compared to conan? Do you have godlike tames that oneshot everything too?

Those screenshots…they’re gorgeous…

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PvP got a lot better. As I said, the biggest problems with the game are what are problems in any survival game. For instance, we got attacked by 6 guys who probably put in 10+ hours into the game, every single day. Such that I was about level 50, but these guys were level 91. 6 of them wrecked us and it took all of us and our Allies to kick them off our island.

So as I said, the same problem all these survival games have. There is a serious problem with balance between lower level players, and higher level players, such that the defeat of lower level players is hard coded into the game.

This of course puts an emphasis on time, rather than skill. It’s the same in every survival game, and as I have said before, this came from us old timers thinking that those RPG games would be great as multiplayer games. I am no longer convinced of that. The games can still be fun, but I no longer kid myself as to what the realities of these game are, anymore.

The RPG style of incremental growth that takes time…a lot of time…means that time is more important than skill. For instance, if guns and armor are involved, as well as increased health points, agility, etc…it does not matter that you are a better shot than your opponent, if he is a much higher level, and has acquired much better gear. You shoot him 5 times, never missing. He misses 3 of his 5 shots at you, but you die, and he lives, because he took less damage, had more health, and had more powerful weapons.

As for animals, they were still powerful, but they don’t one shot you anymore. Plus, they take more damage. You CAN kill people on bears. Also, I saw a recent patch saying that other fighting animals…tigers, lions, etc…had their offense increased a little bit. I see that as good because it makes them more equal. Lions and Tigers were not a viable option when going against bears. That should be fixed now.

Combat is really melee focused, however. You can use guns and bows and cross bows, but a combination of animals and melee fighters is your best bet. Grenades are OP against structures, and weak against people and animals, IMHO.

In my opinion, the game will shine the most on a server that is like a Conan PvE-C server. We called them SvS. Ship vs Ship. You could kill enemy ships, people and animals at sea, or on neutral islands, but they were invulnerable on their home island. I would modify my server to make if PvE-C on the islands, so that outside of combat hours, everything is invulnerable, but during combat, only structures are safe. It would give you a reason to defend your base, or island.

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