Are trophy heads from Siptah beasts bugged?

I just recently got the Island Hunter feat which lets you make trophy heads of the Mastodon, Bison, Tuskbeast and a few more so I was excited to make these but after hunting a bunch of the elephant and tuskbeast things and dozens of kills none of them have dropped a head, are they bugged and don’t drop or are there some 3 skull bosses of these animals that they are supposed to drop from?

Reason I suspect the 3 skull is because the trophy and the head of the elephant ones are called Mastodon Head but the elephants themselves are called Antediluvian Elephants and not Mastodon.

I went into SP to spam kill a bunch and still nothing with any tool. The butcher knife typically gets a head every time on anything else. Would love to see if this is a bug or not because that Mastodon head looks super cool and I want to get one!

Same at my server. I can spawn tons of them and none give a head.

IIRC, I saw something in some recent Testlive patch notes that mentioned this. Heads should be rolling soon. :wink:


Just went and saw it, you’re correct! Thanks for informing me.

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