Need help with elephant trophy , will be greatful

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Looking for help getting this last trophy. Message me on PSN - Five39-PaperSt


Need help with elephant trophy,will be greatful , thxs ,#Vladeky psn name

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Hi BlackIce. Unfortunately I cant help you with this one as I am an offline singleplayer. I dont even have PS Plus. However I would like to ask any who may be reading this a question.

Is there ANY way to complete this offline/by ones self?? For example, can it be obtained by landing on a thrall or npc?


I attempted to knock a thrall unconscious, and jump on his head, after harvesting 1000-1500 stone. Nothing happen :frowning:

Yes l have tried everthing , some even told me it could be done by an axe or hammer , or jump on croc head , no luck thou

Ive had no luck doin it , but if u find way plz let me know

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Can only be done with two ppl in coop as far as l know

My psn is Vladeky

Unfortunately I don’t have the game for my PS

Thats no good. I always knew they were a bit thick headed, but thats really something else. Did it do any damage at all or knock him down even?

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It didn’t even do damage.

I know it would be very tricky to time it, but has anyone out there managed to do it with an npc?

Hmmm it looks like its only other players then. Well unless some one can pull it off using an npc.

Not sure about using an animal 2 stump on a head

I’ve jumped on the heads of thralls and a deer before. Nothing. :tired_face:

@Aaron Again it would seem that they are indeed thick headed my friend; and not just from a IQ standpoint now. :laughing:


Now we know where they store their extra helm padding.:laughing:


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