Greater Shaleback Fodder Missing

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[Greater Shaleback isn’t listed with the Savage Frontier DLC Pack, other Greater pets are listed but not this one.]

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Certain animals can be upgraded to their specific DLC skins. For example, rocknoses are upgradable through the yamatai pack. Here is a link to the wiki that can give a better explanation:

I know but the Greater pet version isn’t listed in the dlc list when trying to craft using the totemic fodder. Luckily they kind of look savage… that an the link you provided also doesn’t have the Greater shaleback listed among the totemic fodder crafted pets. Greater wolf is, greater panther is but not Shalebacks.

Right, because there is no greater shelback DLC skin.

That’s my issue here I can make every Shaleback look like the totemic version except the greater shaleback but I can make a Greater panther, etc my complaint and confusion is why was it not included or was it a over sight. Or a bug.

If I’m not mistaken, in some cases it actually makes them weaker. Least from my experience, when I glamor a rhino for example it turns into a caravan rhino, with 3k-ish hp.

When turning a black rhino into a caravan rhino, it’s hp drops to that 3k ish hp. Becomes weaker.

Now I believe the greater rhino also has that option, but who would want to?

I haven’t messed with the shaleback, however, I’m guessing it the same issue. Not every glamour is like that though, some stay greater.

I didn’t even notice that I will have to take a look at it did seem rather small hit it seemed like they hit faster, much Greater Shaleback has been destroying everything it, however pets like this need higher defense considering there low damage even if he hits fast he’s a slow walker so more defense seems fair. But thanks for that I’ll check that right away.

@SabunoHakia they all create the same Shaleback (in name only)

Using any of the variants on the shaleback - the glamours keep the same hp as their respected variants. (Just checked)

However, there is only one Caravan rhino. (3.6k hp) and this correlates to the default rhino, not greater or black.

There is no greater shaleback glamor, just the single greater shaleback. So no fodder for glamor.

The rhino glamor converts the rhinos all to the same rhino (caravan rhino) effectively making them weaker. (Black rhino has 5.3k hp) so using a black rhino or greater is not worth using the fodder on. In fact, if not mistaken you do not receive as much exp when crafting the greater rhino into the caravan version - you get less.

The wiki, I believe does not reflect these differences (at least in respects to the rhino)

@Ignasi if you can understand the gobbly gook mess of a post I just made, is this intentional?

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If the Caravan rhino is weaker in the aspect of HP is that because the name? Caravan? Instead of HP you get increased carry capacity as a trade off? I could see that being a reason to why it became weaker but that wouldn’t make much sense but because the Gazelle doesn’t have as much HP as a T4 bearer it could just be related to the simple fact they are pets and easier to acquire and the Gazelle its self is actually passive and only attacks if the enemy is in range and seems to disengage when you stop attacking from my experience. However I can be wrong.

I could respect that if you’re trading hp for carry space, but like I said - the regular rhino hp doesn’t decrease. It has the same exact HP as the caravan rhino. Only the black and greater decreases.

Same inventory capacity? If so that sucks! For that matter I gotta find me a cammie so I can use it as a pack mule lol!

Hey @SabunoHakia

We’ve got a few reports about this in the past. Unfortunately, it all boils down to a design decision. There is no Greater Shaleback pictish skin, which explains why you cannot find it in your crafting options :slight_smile:

Okay so it wasn’t a oversight or a bug. Thank you for the reply. Good to know and luckily they look close enough to the DLC content even if I don’t agree with the decision with the design but thank you greatly I appreciate it @Ignasi


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