Shaleback Pet Nerf?

Hey everyone, im just getting into the pet game and raided up a bunch of greater shalebacks. Most info online says they are 8k hp starting but all mine are only 2k. Were they nerfed? Anyone else having this going on?

They added a leveling system to thralls and pets. Their starting hp and stats are much lower now. You just need to level them up- have them follow you as you kill things. They’lol start gaining xp, as well as perks at level 10, 15, and 20- which is the max level.

Thats great thanks. Would you say greater shalebacks top out still pretty effective?

Yes greater Shalebacks is what you want

Lol, you troll you. :rofl:

I raise two greater shaleback’s just to get a better grip on this question and answer for you.

While I have not notice a decline in HP when it came to thralls, (I’ve used the same type of thralls for months and months now) none have show me a greater change in HP than the Shalebacks (from the thralls and pets I use) I’m not 100% certain if -6000 hp was intentional or not, considering.

But both I raised last night had 2,257 HP. I know they’ll get a boost while leveling, but dang. That is a drop.

I now want to tame a shaleback and name him Nerf.

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It’s Nerf, or nothing.

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