Pet`s HP (Tamed after the new Level system)

Just tamed a Greater Sabretooth and it has a starting (lvl 1) HP of 1887.

1887 HP seems very low for a greater pet, is this correct?

The old ones had something closer to 9.000 HP

Dalinsia Snowhunter has a starting (lvl1) HP of about 8500.

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named bearers are very close to this value too (2 100 hp if my memory serves me well) but i agree it’s much more problematic for pets, especially when it comes to rare ones.

Really??? then i just learned sthing new and it seems we have a new champion in the exiled lands.
Feels weird though, as the forgotten tribe faction has always been the second one in term of stats…

Yeah it was a little surprising when I logged in tonight, grabbed one of my hyenas and headed out to farm some iron. Got attacked by an ordinary rocknose and it almost killed him. I check his health and he has like 350 HP lol. Last night when I logged off he had 2700-something. I admit I don’t get the new leveling system so I’ll read up on it before I start complaining, but that’s quite a change. I had built a solo playstyle around the entry-level pet’s ability to tank.

All Pets / Thrall now start with 1/4 HP, only at level 20 they get 100% HP.

Yeah it seems from info in another thread that existing pets were heavily nerfed and basically need to be replaced and then leveled. Seems fine now that I understand it.

All Pets / Thrall now start with 1/4 HP, only at level 20 they get 100% HP.

Then you have to take PET / THRALL to train with you, and it’s very boring.

So wait, let me get this straight. They couldnt apply the new thrall update to our existing thralls, but they can nerf the crap out of the old ones? I swear, like literally, Funcom is just one giant experiment in ■■■■■■■ people off. It’s like “in what way in our latest update can we take a crap on our customers”.

Maybe it’s time to get those Tamer thralls to work? @Ignasi xd

Yes, because those two things have nothing to do with each other. Pets/thralls have always had their HP retroactively changed whenever the underlying template changed - and the template for all thralls and pets will have changed with the advent of the leveling system. So they were not explicitly or, probably, intentionally nerfed.

That is a separate issue to why existing thralls couldn’t be put on the leveling system (starting at level zero), and I cannot answer the “why” of that - only that according to Funcom on their stream, it was considered too much work for little benefit. While I am not sure I necessarily agree with that verdict, there’s nothing we can do about it now - and in any case, it has nothing to do with the base HP change on existing followers.

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