My Poor Thralls

So I thought that the legacy thralls where just going to stay stagnant. Now they all suck without hope of getting better!

I guess I’ll get more, im just surprised.

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legacy thralls ( they got NERFED) they did not remained legacy or what they were, they just got the nerf hammer so baddly lol.


Yeah lol, I guess that’s the end of them! A pretty big bummer, but now I guess I have something to do in the game


That’s the spirit, always look at the positive side of things, sadly there are too many going from thread to thread beating a horse that already have ridden towards the sunset :wink:

it was very disheartening to see all my named bearers had 640 hit points and my greater tiger and panther had like 1200. i guess my concern is at level 20 will the new thralls and pets be even close to the old hp numbers or are thralls/pets just something that is now just purely for cosmetics?

Also interested in how this works. I’m fine with having to level up pets and thralls, but would like to know how good they will be as tanks once leveled.

The artisan thralls you install on the work benches are unchanged. Fighters, dancers, bearers and archers are buffed from the change big time. Going and recapturing is a small price to pay. Edit: I’ve seen posts with pics of level 20 thralls with over 17,000 hp.

I feel your pain. It’s been gradual for me, only putting out a few new ones as necessary, then culling/gathering armor and weapons in small fugues. By last night I have 26 followers aboveground, after having culled 141, by rough count using the Event Log. I still have 15 to replace, including my Eina The Light, Amzadi The Wanderer and Luba with whom I’ve spent loads of time in my Bunker and beyond. :sob:

Thrall Pot and Feed Box worked wonders in finding any stragglers.

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