The weakening of thralls?

why are my thralls not getting 10k health anymore? did they nerf it or am i just bad??? and if they nerfed it why

Thralls, Pets, and world NPCs and Animals have received adjustments to their stats awhile back.

It was stated that the adjustments were a first step, and there was a plan to continue working on improving overall balance some time in the future.

Thralls have never reached 10k vit before, with rare exceptions (Teimos)

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It was suppose to balance out the differences of players and NPCs (back when they had high vitality). Now, the immersion of having the players feel like the hero is key, so technically they weren’t nerfed.

You can still give them a potion of rebirth.

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what does the potion of rebirth do

Saves time.

@teng also Dalinsia, Tarman, rarely Sullys….I’ve also seen a Lian with substantially more than 10k health.

Most of my Dalinsias used to average around 13k

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@Dzonatas technically officially they were nerfed. In fact if they were only needed it probably wouldn’t be so bad, they’re dam nigh unusable at this time unless you want to nerf you instead by doing that authority build thing

Thrall HP was high at first to make up for easy to battle AI but players didn’t like fighting a brick wall in pvp.

Maybe a long time ago, I don’t know. I’ve been playing for three years, Dalynsia once was around 9k, but usually 7-8, pirates are usually no more than 6.

Some volcano thralls actually did reach 10k and some spawned with more than 10k but it was patched and removed. Can’t remember which but he had 40k and players would still manage to get him killed because lava still killed thralls back then lol. That was also before thralls could even be leveled up. Whatever health they had when you broke them was their final HP.

Well, maybe that was over three years ago.
I remember when I first started playing, in July 2020, I saw in the wiki that world bosses have hp of 70-90 thousands. I wonder how to defeat them alone? I leveled up to level 60, took my Lian (6 thousands) and went to die … and they turned out to be only 12-22 thousands hp.

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Yes the YouTubers lie and make it look easy and it is absolutely not easy.

For the admins that don’t want to watch their sandboxes every hour… officially. There is much potential in game servers that have such automations… and probably an A.I. expansion. It is a selling point.

Yeah , since it bears on the conversation, there is just no fear of the thralls anymore. They used to be intimidating. 1pkayer with 1 good thrall could take on a whole clan if he quickly on them. Now you see a thrall you go straight at it coz it’s just another kill. Just last night I got pushed into a corner by a beast master, ravaged and a snowhunter….no problem, killed them all. It’s broken.

^in an encumbrance build.

Bearers are the new tank, T3 and T4, if your lucky with health perks can go up to 20k in health, but their damage multiplier sucks

@Dreary ive heard this about the bearers. Someone even said they make the best zombies too. I’ve seen some video clips with gangs of zombies that had between 20-50k hp each. I’m assuming they used named bearers for the resurrected corpses. At Least I hope so and that it was not another exploit.

now we have to babysit them in battles, but if the server was lagged they probably will die because they ignore or commands and still trying to tank damage, a thing that definitivelly they can’t do anymore.

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