Thrall health nerf

Why have all pre patch thralls had their health tanked? Examples are: tier 4 bearers had approx 9000 health, they now have 870. Cimmerian berserker now has 2000something health. Yeti protector now has sub 1000 health. Why was this not spoken about in the patch? You are punishing people for having thralls. I don’t care about having to go and get more, I care about the fact funcom have sneaked in things like this. What’s the point?

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Its yet one more way they want to get rid of old issues, make the old thralls useless even more so, so that people delete them.

On my base, constantly spawning rocknoses already took care of the most pet guards, Funcom, in their endless kindness, even saves me the effort of deleting them by making them die in heaps… It’s a really low blow.

Though about T4 bearer, it might be a bug, because T3 bearer has more health than that, it was noted in another thread. Pets, though, are miserable, a wolf with 3.6k health or so got downgraded to six hundreds and a change.

I can’t stand it when they do stuff like this. It’s fair enough that preexisting thralls can’t level up but don’t take it further and absolutely screw them all over

What’s the point?

Make you kill the old ones and get new ones. :grin::rofl:

It’s because pre-existing thralls/pets are level zero. They said they would be. Since all new followers gain most of their life through vitality, the old ones we have only receive their random miserable initial health, which will be low in the new system. All level zero followers have zero stats, including vitality.

I dismissed 10 named bearers, and just brought one out of a box.

She started out at 1700hp, and gains around 200hp a level. 20 levels should make her dang big if the curve remains the same. We will see. She is at level 10 now.
We were not paying attention to the numbers. We will from now on.

Of the many thralls we had, I think we have 6-8 left. All rares in a museum. The frost giant would not fit inside, so his 380 Hit points guards the door.

This news in not new. It has been in the forums and all over you tube for weeks.

Game makers think that once they have you hooked, they can change what ever they want, and you will still play.
SOE proved that wrong a decade ago. Still companies follow the same path and wonder why they have low player population.

I do not know what has happened to these companies. Back in the 90s the WWII fighter sim world was just budding. We chatted with the DEVs daily. They had player discussion boards with eh DEVs.

When the world changed from bullet hit pockets (5 rounds either all hit or miss) went to every round tracked. We knew 4 months before, it was tested for months and when it went live. 100s of pilots still quit, because the broad side of the barn was not hittable.

The old thralls were too big. They trimmed them down. rebalanced stamina (not in my favor) and added mounts that dont work, and the new fighting system, just to boggle our minds.

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I think is a Brilliant move to be honest and while it might seem annoying let me explains!

  1. it would be much easier to re capture thralls and level them up as you capture them than levelling old ones!

  2. new thralls have better more individual perks compare to old ones , including alot more health when leveled

  3. the levelling system is really great from the point of ; if you want to have 100 thralls you better put in the work or they will be considerably weaker!

  4. levelling system and varied stats bring somewhat depth into a very boring obsolete thrall system

All and all positive for the most so Out with the old IN with the new

Nice reasoning. Can’t wait until the next nerf when all our foundations get reduced to 100 HPs, our level 60 characters get limited to 5 attribute points, and we can’t explore more than 4 grids on the map … until we start over.

That’s a very big unrealistic exaggeration! You know it ! I know it!

Let common sense prevail!

We had been collecting new thralls for the last month or so.
Only bringing out 2 thralls, 2 horses, and 10 or so lions and sabers oh my.

Is it?

Some of us have been playing for nearly a year. We’ve hundreds of hours into collecting and gearing up rare Teir 4 and Purge thralls. With this patch, in one fell swoop, all that effort has been erased.

This patch sets a precedent. If they can nerf Conan Exiles from unlimited thralls to 55-100 thrall, after it has already been out for a year, after it was already sold with this feature, and with little effort into making it work correctly, then what’s to prevent them from doing something equally as drastic?

Think about the reason they “had” to implement the thrall nerf. Now apply that same reason to a foundation limit, a foundation HP limit, an attribute limit, or a grid limit. Does it make as much as sense? I bet it does.

Do you really consider what I am describing as “a very big unrealistic exaggeration”?

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Yes , since I have way more than a year and about 2k hours from the very beginning … mic drop t

Totally over reacting and unrealistic!

[quote=“Palm522, post:14, topic:96364, full:true”]
they should just delete them themselves when they could, iunstead of just giving us the work after almost 2 years since launch…

wrong there are no perks on old ones

Read it again !!! You are acting like an emotional mess !

That statement would only be wrong if I said OLD thralls are better and have better perks !! But that is not what I said !!!

Get your emotions under control, open your mind give the update a fair test and the come back to us ! Also try to relax and no be so emotional!

I also had to dismiss and change thralls and to be honest I am having lots of fun doing that! Cause I can give my thrall stats I want , to make them stronger!

And then…

The exclamation points are strong with you!!

I hope you can appreciate irony :rofl:

They did, and it was in the stream. All my volcano fighters still have 4000+hp so im keepin them as gaurds and deleting one for evry one i get to 20

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