Named Bearer Health only 640 after update

Game mode: Online
Problem: bug
Region: All

Following update we noticed that all of our named bearers have only 640 health. I know the levels were changed but I believe this may be an error. We compared to a level 3 bearer whose health is 1680. Hopefully this can be resolved.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open Named Bearer inventory
  2. Check health stat
  3. Open Bearer 3 inventory
  4. Check health stat

Few questions

  1. Was the bearer placed before the update or after?
  2. What is the bearers name?
  3. Have you checked the stats on the bearer?

The levelling system no treats all placeable thralls from each tribe the same as far as stats go, so when you place it the thrall should have a base set of attributes that you can then level up, sole tribes start with 0 vitality and really low health, but i’ve personally not seen any thralls that low so it could be that the stats didn’t get updated properly during the update

I’ve included a list of thralls starting stats (this is not an official list) so if you can check off that the thrall has the right stats for the list it might help Devs find an issue

Thanks for the response.

  1. All bearers were placed before the update
  2. Kathibria Featherstep
    Amzadi the Wanderer
    Fairih of the Wild Coast
  3. Stats are not chargeable as far as I can tell.

When you open inventory the healthbar says Max and then 640. We have not placed any followers since update.

Thanks again

Ah, yeah so what happened is the old thralls have base 0 in all stats so they are next to useless, only new thralls will get stats and from there you will need to level them up to get the most out of them

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I understand that, but to have a level 3 with 1680 health and a named with only 640 health seems like a mistake. Both the level 3 and the named were placed before the update.


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You can’t really judge based on thralls placed before the update, the stats on them all are wonky, you’ll really need to compare the same thralls from post update, possibly spawn them in on a solo world to test them

Although I appreciate your input the post is reporting a bug following the update. The thralls I have are what I have and even though the game has given us a new system the old thralls should still follow logical progression from level 1 through level 3 with the named thrall having the highest stats.

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Our 60 odd followers are no 18 strong.
I have had Featherstep since the first opening week.
She is one of 5 thralls I cant kill off. I even have a gold reward it she is spotted. Untill then, we are using Enia The light. At level zero she was 880hp, now at lvl 7 she is 3600ish HP and growing.

Me thinks either the DEVs try and see how much we will take before a mass exodus happens, OR they are clueless.

I have done a 180 degree john kerry and flipped over to liking the new stuff. The horse are preform lack luster, the follower cap is too low, and the NGE new game experience already ruined one great MMO.

Lets not let this happen here

I am a little confused tho, as you said you had a level 3 placed before the update and a named level 0 also placed before the update. Are you referring to a tier 3 (level 0) and a tier 4 (named level 0)?

At that point you would have to verify if the tier 3 and tier 4 came from the same faction. If so, then that could be a bug. If not then that’s most likely your answer as to the descrepancy.

Newly placed T4 bearers have less HP than T3.

There is srsly sth wrong with them.
Also they get knocked out way to fast/easy.

Found 2 at black galleon and I needed 3-4 taps with Lovetap…

Hello @MystikalBS, welcome to the forums!

Old thralls that were placed before the update rolled are intentionally less powerful and they won’t work with the new level system. They were kept just so players have time to retrieve their items and replace them, as they’re severely underpowered in comparison to a fully leveled thrall.

There are no plans to tweak or adjust legacy followers.

You can find more information in this post which was created prior to the launch to provide further information on the new system and answer some of the most asked questions in the forums:

NEW placed T4 bearers have LESS HP than T3 bearer?

Thats for sure a bug.

Also T4 bearers are way easy to knockout… Something with their BASE HP model is just WRONG. Please tell the devs!!

To start off with, our lvl 11 bearer is over 3000hp now and climbing. Wont know how big until we get to 20.

A T4 should in its baseform not be LOWER than a T3.

You dont have to raise it to level20 for that… Or do you also raise the T3 to 20 then?

And @Wak4863 already leveled up some beares to 20:

T4 is bugged… A T2 at level20 had even more health than a T4.

T2 = 17k hp…
T4 = 4.6k hp…

You tell me again thats NOT bugged?

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Hey @jot29, that’s a different issue than the one being reported by the OP as he’s using legacy thralls.

The developers are already aware of the video and the base stats/scaling of these thralls is being looked into.


Glad to hear the Devs are working on it :slight_smile:

PS.: The root-problem of the bug is still kinda the same. If T4 bearers base HP would be alot higher, than the legacy thralls wouldnt have 640hp :wink:

Thanks so much to everyone for the replies! Now I’m going to go out and get me some new named bearers while they’re still easy to knock out!

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