Can we finally get a clear answer for the T4/named bearers?

Game mode: [Everywhere]
Problem: [Bug or not]
Region: [Everywhere]

So what is up with the named/T4 bearers? Are their HP pool intended? Is it a bug? Can we finally get a clear answer on that??

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. See a T4/named bearer.
  2. Knock them out faster than a T1, because the HP&stamina pool is so bad/low. (You can one-shot kill them with some weapons)
  3. Place them and be sad about their low health
  4. Asking for weeks, if this is a bug or intended…

Thanks, for literally NOTHING. This is again still NO CLEAR answer.

I would stop asking the same thing again, IF we could get a CLEAR answer, which is not possible…

@Wak4863 @Croms_Faithful @Barnes ???

Sry i can’t answer to this one, i play full encumbrance and i don’t use bearers. I hope you will get your answer this time. Please Hugo respond to this!

Hey @jot29, we had already mentioned before that the developers are looking into the scaling and stats for the followers taking into account the feedback that has been gathered, please refrain from opening further posts or making innapropriate remarks.