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Why are T3 Bearer stats better than T4 Bearer stats? Are they faction based now? Or is this going to get fixed?

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https://youtu.be/t4Ij0Ttzp6I please watch. This isn’t the only video on YouTube saying this either.

While I’m not a developer with any direct control in the game, I will reproduce this in a couple minutes and see whether there is any factional benefit. When I did my run-through the other day I saw nothing pop out about T4 Bearers. Additionally, I have placed two T4 Bearers in the world on my official server post patch. I’ll follow up on their development in the coming days.

One thing to note is the disparity in the starting attribute numbers between T3 and T4. A fresh follower in T3 will have 21 attribute points, while a T4 will get 45 out of the box. This makes a big difference in most thralls, but much less so when a T4 Sherpa dumps 30 points in Survival.


Ty. A t3 atm can lvl up to 15k vitality while a t4 ranges between 4 to 6 k. Making very little sense to farm t4’s as opposed to t3’s. This video explains and shows as well as addresses the bearer issues.

First Bearer since patch. Using exquisite stew for strength and vitality here’s the best i got. Good enough for the Highlands against wolves but if your going to the unnamed city, better bring alot of healing arrows, a thermos and a packed lunch cause your going to be there a while.

note. I used a strength armor while leveling this thrall. 2nd picture has no armor or weapon.

Good stuff, only I’m not sure armor is doing you any good. You should try feeding them different things to achieve a better chance at the attribute you want.

14 Percent Chance Increase Food Spoiler

Gruel, Shredded Roast, Grilled Steak, Cooked Fish
S, A, V, A – +14% chance, it’ll say it there next to Growth Chance in parentheses

However, there is a problem with T3 Bearers. T3 can indeed become ridiculously powerful with giant vites. Eina the Light is a Shemite T4. She came consistently up with 5,162 vites and some pretty good strength. The last three Shemite 3 Sherpas came up to 18,000, 20,000 and an incredible 21,000 with giant other attributes as well.

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The first picture i sent was to show i was using the food benefit to increase chances of gaining strength and vitality.

My point exactly. Why search for t4’s when t3’s are so much better.

Okay cool. Didn’t know if you knew that because your “buff chance” attributes are split in the first pic. :ok_hand:

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I knew i needed higher vitality and higher strength in order for him to be usable in the unnamed city. So i fed him exquisite stew. And countless healing arrows lol.

That initial stat roll is all dependent on his faction from that point on it is all random depending on % to growth! But all shemite will have the same initial tame stats, same as all cimarian will have the same initial stars as one another, they will be different than the shemite for example, but an archer and a warrior shemite will start with the same base stats, the only other variable im pretty sure is, what’s the point worth on them, for example, 1 berserker might get 100HP for 1 point of vitality, where as another might get 150 for a single point, I’m not 100% sure if that’s all, and if it works EXACTLY like that, but, thats the bases of it,

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Hello @n2wichita75, thank you for getting in touch!

The developers are looking into the scaling and stats for the followers taking into account recent feedback but, unfortunately, we have no further information to share at this time.


T4 Bearers spawn anywhere a bearer spawn is. They aren’t faction based like other thralls atm.

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The bearers spawn anywhere a bearer spawns, but a cimarian bearer wont spawn on the black Gallian because that’s not where his faction spawns. They are faction based

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Ty. That is nice to know.

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“The NAMED/T4 bearers spawn anywhere…”

Maybe add this to your message, so people dont get confused :wink:

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That may be true about Rethrous (the Cimmerian Sherpa), but I have so far captured the following sherpas from the Darfari region: Pelor (HYB), Narr (HYRK), Kathibria (KUSH), Ulrik (NOR), Eina (SHEM), Amzadi (STY) and Fairin (ZING). 7/10, would bonk again.

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Correct message he wanted to say:

The NAMED/T4 bearers spawn anywhere a bearer spawns, but a cimarian bearer (T3, T2 & T1) wont spawn on the black Gallian because that’s not where his faction spawns. They (T3, T2 & T1) are faction based