Tier 4 Bearer Issue

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Problem: [Bug]
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*** @Hugo

[Tier 4 Bearer still sets out with lower HP than a Tier 3 Bearer, also the tier 3 bearers get considerably more HP per Vitality point than the T4. Easy way to test it is to place some vitality armor on each and see the difference. This has been an issue since the follower leveling system was implemented months and months ago. Multiple updates since this issue but yet to be fixed. Seems to me that if they just switched the stats on the T3 and T4 that it would make more sense.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a Tier 4 Bearer

2.Place a Tier 3 Bearer

  1. Compare base HP and HP increase per Vitality point

Hi @Jkburt01, we’re aware of this situation and have it currently registered for the developers to look into, it should be addressed as soon as they’re able to tackle it as it’s a low priority issue.

Shure, there are bigger Problems. But when you finally catch a rare T4 Bearer that is spoiled through this bug, I do not think you take this as “low” priority. This bug seems to be there since the leveling system was introduced and it deserves reasonable attention. :point_up_2:

The “quickest fix” is to re register the points per vitality attribute. Swap them around and the issue will be fixed. Sure those with T3’s maxed would get a nerf (probably lose half the HP), but if it corrects the core mechanic of T4 being better than a T3, then quicker done the better. Most -players are stashing their T4’s, so they could at least place and level them.

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