THRALLS Need fixing!


I have to say I am getting totally fed up with the thrall situation. When I bought this game way back thralls were not great but you knew what to expect. Now they are so out of whack you are gambling even putting anything on them. A thralls health is as low as 450 on a tier 2 bearer now. They don’t follow you close enough when you are running. But when you stop or are climbing they teleport right into you and make it so you can’t even move. I just lost half of my stuff because a thrall would not move even when you tell it several times to move. I ran past a croc and it just left the croc kill it. Worst part is I went back to get the stuff I had on it and nothing… no body, no loot bag… nothing!!! At least have it spawn a loot bag so you can get your stuff. I was back where it died in 10 seconds and nothing!!
Add to that you can’t place them on normal ground now after the island DLC. I have thralls guarding in a spot big enough for them to stand in like a ceiling tile but now I can’t place them as it says you need to place them on even ground or some such. I have 12 already placed there before the DLC but now you can’t!

Did you really? Reason I ask is because you stated this:

Back way back when… a T4 Fighter commonly had around that much HP.

As for your other issues, they are fixed in the next patch.

Yes, And the reason I stated that was:

Way back then, before thralls leveled up and I am talking about a bearer not a Fighter. They had over 1000 HP. And don’t get me started what named bearers had! And there is plenty of posts with people talking about the health of the bearers for you to look up.

As for the other issues I hope your right and I will be back if they are not to let you know.

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