Grey Ones with low health

Game mode:(Online private dedicated server| Multi-player with mods - none of them are changing siptah monsters especially the new ones)
Type of issue: [The Grey Ones all have only 200 health points, the bosses 700]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

All Grey Ones only have 200/boses 700HP

Hey @TwoJay

Does this issue happen in a clean/unmodded database? We haven’t received any reports about this recently as it was an issue addressed in one of the first Testlive patches for 2.4.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ignasis
I didn’t test it in a unmodded database. But we don’t use any mods which are changing Siptah NPCs although we use EEWA which adds some surges and dungeon entrances to Siptah and Dungeon Master Tools, which adds some Assets from Siptah. All Mods we have are updated with the newest Devkit.
Only the grey ones are affected.

@Ignasi They make a lot of damage. So my question is - is the low HP of 200 therefore intended. Would you ask the devs please.

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It’s in QA’s queue to confirm whether there is an issue or not, or if it is intended. :slight_smile:


I feel this is intentional. The Grey Ones are glass cannons – they do a lot of damage and all their weapons apply bleeds, but they can’t take a hit or 3. I like this as a design decision and as variety. This isn’t the standard design decision to make a Mob dangerous by just giving it insane hit points and high damage.


I’ll second what @thurgond wrote, their low HP can be compensation for the high amount of damage they do. Get ganged up by a few of them and their low HP don’t matter, they’ll have you down in seconds if you are not very careful.
Additionaly, I have the feeling that they are not staggered easily…

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I can confirm that this has happened to me. If you are not careful with these guys, you can die in seconds.

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