Grim Tales RP [RP-PVP 18+] — Heavy RP, Grimdark, Magic

Ok so its been mid week and nearly every evening we have gone over 40 players active during peak times.

The response has been amazing, so all we can do is keep listening you the players, tweak setting and keep the meta away. We do not allow any OOC and in character blending. Our Global chat is removed and no chat about in game stories are allowing in discord channels.

One thing we do is keep the balance of player types, were role playing first and the storylines created are amazing and keep getting better, the super naturals are bringing a fresh and exiting vibe.

So anyway obvious this is only possible with having brilliant players to another shout out to everyone for keeping it alive.

So have a great week and if you fancy joining come and visit our discord channel

Link to join our Discord Server:

Have some more cheeky shots.

Uncles Tom’s Midweek update.

Well its that time again, Tom’s midweek update on how things are going, and you know what?

It’s been Fab-u-lush.

We have not only been hitting 40+ players all week during peak time but hit the ‘big 50’ last night.

So as the server has grown a lot more than expected we have decided to move over to a dedicated server which will give us a lot better performance on what we have now and to help keep the game running as smoothly as possible. So a bit thanks you all who are part of this.

Well the story’s are weaving and flowing so fast. Mitrean Knights on the rise, Vampires slain, the last of the beastmen so I’m told has been killed and made into a beautiful rug…….

So again with the increase of human characters we have opened up for more supernatural character

Options currently available:

4 Hellspawn
7 Beastman (start only as group of at least 4 players, in this case ONLY the group is allowed to be advertised BEFORE your character was created - but you need a green light from admins)
2 Vampire Adze
2 Vampire Bruxa
2 Vampire Draugr
1 Vampire Lamashtu

2 Vampire Upyr
2 Inpu Werejackal
1 Giant-Kin
2 Lich
2 Gurnakhi
2 Deep One (contact @Giselle for clarifications on their availability)

Well again you wont know what these are or what skills they have available until you join our server so why not come and visit our discord

Link to join our Discord Server:

So here more beautiful pictures created in-game and by our players

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Uncle Tom’s Midweek Fabulous Update

Ok so we have some fab news for all our players and anyone interested in Joining the server

We have successfully updated to a dedicated server tonight which means FPS heaven. Yep, out magic slav’s goatboi and the girls have successfully migrated us over and you know what. Were running like a dream.


So what can I say except a big thank you to our supporters and all who made this possible.

The success of this server is down to our players and everyone who involved.

Out new box by the way is the strongest box available to buy, and the upgrade was successful.

» Memory: 64GB DDR4
» Hard Disk: 1x 500GB NVMe.
» Bandwidth (Traffic): 1GB (UNLIMITED TRAFFIC)
» CPU: Intel i9 9900K 3.6ghz (5.0ghz Turbo)

have some sexy smexy pictures just because we can. #ThankYou


Uncle Tom’s Midweek Fabulous Update

Well Kiddywink’s it’s that time again for me to give you all a quick update on how we are progressing mmm.

Firstly is that Grim Tales RP has ranked at #12 on Battlemetrics worldwide, every day getting 40-50 players during the peak time. This has by far exceeded our initial expectations and we will do our very best to live up to the trust you awesome people are giving us. :d

Secondly due to the nature of the servers (yes people die :cry: ), So we have more slots open for the supernatural’s and all things spooky.

So if you fancy creating one of the unique races we have on the server then come join our Discord and find out more on there abilities.

Beastmen 7
Deep One 2
Hellspawn 4
Lich 1
Vampire Adze 1
Vampire Bruxa 1
Vampire Draugr 2
Vampire Jungshi 1
Vapire Lamashtu 2
Vampire Upyr 2
Werewolf 1
Inpu 2

The lore we have is second to none and is constantly being updated by our fabulous lore masters.

mmm lest see what goodies we have this week. :idea:

ah yes, that would be this.

So new lore, new player and a the new dedicated server. What is not to love

Link to join our Discord Server:

Oh have some cheeky screenshots

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Uncle Tom’s Midweek Fabulous Update

Well how the devil are we all. :slight_smile:

lets now sit back and take a look at how things have been going for us all at Grim tales.

it’s been fabulous. Bloody fabulous actually.

We have hit some really great landmark’s which we really wasn’t expecting when we launched.


So we have had 50+ players ever night and we managed to over 60+ players last night and tonight. So gosh that was nice.

We have managed to get onto the fist page on Battlematrics and were ranked #7th in the world. Which again, is lovely.

Our play base is building and we now have over 400 people in discord. So again, Whoooohooo.

All I can say is a big thank you to the players and everyone who has joined. Its you who are bringing such great role playing and storylines to the server. Keeping the mature attitude and helping to make it such a great place.

So big kisses from Uncle Tom and all the Admin and Game Masters.

Anyway enough of that gibberish have some of cheeky screenshots.

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Uncle Tom’s Randomly Posted Updates… Yay

Well I’ve been away for a while and now catching up so will be posing some regular updates from the server, screen shots and overall just having a good old natter.

We had a few postings and updates so here’s all the lastest gubbings

During the last scheduled restart:) We are re-adding the iQoL mod at it’s known position in the mod list. If you are going to utilise it for extended sliders, make sure to check out #character-slider-guide.

  • The Lemurian Architect mod as announced on Tuesday will be removed, #mod-list is updated.

  • Our own server mod recieves an update. Sobek purge should be removed now.

  • Clan limit will be raised from 7 to 9

  • This restart will take a little longer. :wink:

Addressing this last Funcom patch:) Follower feeding is finally fixed for modded servers. The option was already turned on and we will leave it there. The healing is in no way as exploitable as Healing Arrows and there for may be used.

  • Characters can no longer wear medium armor pieces and have light armor class. Unfortunately this has screwed something up in our server mod which causes light armor to fall into medium armor class after 3 light armor pieces are equipped. A solution is being worked on.

An issue to address:shock: Lately the team has recieved A LOT of complaints from player side about other players breaking rules, meta gaming, being unpleasant etc. …

The staff is always there to listen and investigate those issues. But we would like to make three things clear:

  • Retcon, the process in which IC events are being altered or reversed through OOC decisions can happen only if all involved parties agreed upon it or if there was a serious rule violation and the admin team rules to retcon, one example of this is outlined in #permadeath rule section.

  • If you see misconduct in game or on discord, make a screenshot (or multiple). The admin team will never issue judgement on he-said-she-said basis.

  • When a server restart is inbound to happen, postpone PvP until after and then wait for everyone to re-log.

News from the team - Maeve and Nephi have proven themself durring their time as junior Game Masters. Please welcome them in the ranks of the Game Masters. Make sure to address all penis related in-game issues to them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please update the Discord link :slight_smile:

Id love a new discord link, as the ones above have expired. Id like to see what this server is truly all about :smiley:

I am a new player and new to roleplay,I was directed here for the best experience, however I am unable to join your server and also I’m unable to join discord too.

The server is whitelisted, and the discord link doesnt work anymore

As the people above me writes. I’d love to recieve a valid discord link so that I may further see what the server is all about!

This one should work

@NordicDoggo @Evaeroth @Shadowjacker

@Werebeast sorry, could only tag 3 people in one post :slight_smile:

Uncles Toms Shindig

Come and sit on uncle Toms knee and listen to my fabulous update.

Yes it’s that time again to see how the wheel of fate has turned and how our little lives within the exiles lands are going… :partying_face:

Well lets start off with our battlematrix update.

We again reached #3 rating in the world.

That right folks out little server is the third most popular server in the world. So slap my thigh and call me Sandra, Isn’t that just dandy. :wink:

So what’s new in the server and what update and announcements have we had over the last few weeks.

  • Our server mod has been updated with a few bug fixes, update to items and rebalance of weapons. We are trying to ensure as many of the in-game items are Lore friendly and don’t overbalance RP. You know how Funcom loves to do this. Shakes Fist at Funcom :muscle:

  • Addition to #lore-and-immersion rules. Any religious weapon or item can be used only by followers of those religions (that does include any server lore religions tied to certain religion feats - i.e. all religions that use Set religion feats). Those items are non-tradeable/not useable as trophies (those simply won’t work from IC point of view).

  • A number of player have been permeant banned due to rule breaking, posting meta and back talking the staff. Remember we do this for fun, our time is given freely so please read the rule and stop being rude.

-Our discord has hundreds of pages of lore, some of those written and published last Summer - we are working on updating those and removing all scraps of older mentions related to rituals, now redundant. This is a work in progress so if you have an questions message the staff who will clarify and details to our Lore.

  • The #pvp section has been re-written, specially the PvP initiation part. We wish everyone to read the whole entry so when you join please familiarise yourself with the changes. We made the above changes after reviewing many reports and suggestion from inside the staff as well as the community. We listen and actively try to improve our rules.

And here is the updated link to our discord

So now that’s done lets post a load of the beautiful in-game screenshots done by the players. These just reflect on the diverse and amazing role players we have on this server so thank you all.

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Hello. I’m looking for a new RP server to join. I got a tip from a friend of mine who said this server might suit me and the kind of game play I am looking for. I’ve tried several of the Discord links I found on this web page but none of them seem to work.
Would it be possible to get an updated link, please?